Cars 2, Mater’s Mission, and Fun Prizes!

I’m so bummed that the fire has kept me from taking Truett to see the opening for Cars 2 in our town.  I plan to take him soon but in the mean time, we can have fun with Mater’s Secret Mission, by sending codes messages and winning prizes.

Walmart has launched Mater’s Secret Mission on their Facebook page and movie vouchers, exclusive downloadable coloring pages, Disney Mater’s Tall Tales Videos are just some of the prizes you could win.  All you have to do is send a coded message!   There’s also exclusive Cars 2 merchandise that can bought through the Mater’s Secret Mission app but that’s something I’m gonna have to try and let Truett NOT see!  He’ll want it all!

And if you’re like me and LOVE Mater, you can receive your very own call/voicemail from Mater!  You can send a text to 63257 and be sure to use one of these trigger words: Buddies, Secret, Spy, Mission, Mater, Charge

If you guys go see the movie, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it! We are super excited to see and might I add, we also love the Fast and the Furious movies so I’m sure this will be a hit in our family.   KACHING!


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    I saw the coolest Mater toy at WalMart the other day! My 16 year old was dragging me away from it – where is that boy’s sense of fun, anyway?! Mater was fairly big and he was a bubble blowing truck and there was a handle so the kids could easily push it. It was so cool! I just love Mater, too! That would be hysterical if I sent that voicemail to that grumpy teenager, huh? Hahaha!!