Beats by Dre – Headphones {Giveaway} $199 Value!

beats by dre headphones

Beats by Dre Headphones are legit y'all.  At least that's what my son says.  I didn't know 'legit' had come back on the cool vocabulary list?  Anyways, Beats headphones are a hot item for Christmas every year, and all with good reason; awesomeness. I am amazed at how they put such incredible sound into these headphones.  The bass is heart … [Read more...]

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes Xbox 360 Game Review

Screen shot 2013-12-14 at 10.24.10 PM

Aside from being a massive toys construction company, Lego took part in production and design of several video games. After a star wars and DC Comics Heroes, Lego returns with another superhero-themed game. This time Lego united with Marvel comics to create one of the best superhero games this year. It is interesting to see how such a funny premise … [Read more...]

Things You Might Not Be Doing To Protect Your Child’s Personal Information On Their Cell Phones


For many years, parents have been concerned about their child's personal information and safety.  Today with the internet, social media, and cell phones, it is so easy for children to on purpose or even by accident to share personal information with other people who may or may not take advantage of it. This is the reason why you need to be aware … [Read more...]

Monster Headphones – Truett Couldn’t Be So Heartleeeesss

Monster Headphones on Truett

First of all, to get the title, you'll have to watch the video.  Second, we saw these Monster headphones on our holiday trip to Walmart's Headquarters and I have to say, we were super impressed! Aside from awesome sound, there are a few other things that make these Monster Headphones unique and cool; They are  N-credibly durable - … [Read more...]

Vtech Retro Cordless Phone #ACWGG

VTech retro cordless phone

While the age of landline, bulky phones with a receiver are long gone, those images still manage to stir up a nostalgic feeling. At least for us anyways!  The VTech Retro Cordless Phone gives that you nostalgic feeling but with the latest technology must-haves and sleek styling.   It also comes in all sorts of colors. You get it in bold tangerine, … [Read more...]

When Five Finger Discounters Strike, Be Protected!


In the past few months, there have been numerous break-ins in our local town.   Thieves are stealing from homes and vehicles and getting away with it.  Our community has taken some steps to catch these five finger discounters but it's important to protect your valuables, particularly when it comes to your overpriced smartphone!  A while back, I … [Read more...]

Sanus VuePoint Full-Motion TV Wall Mount {Giveaway}

sanus tv mount

Safety is probably one of the last things people think about when buying a TV wall mount.  Most of want one for 'looks'.  But I'm talking about kids getting hurt and even getting killed buy an unsecured TV-one that tips over on them.  I have actually read a story on a blog about this happening to her son and him dying.  I cannot even imagine the … [Read more...]

Playstation 4 Pre-Order

PS4 Controller

We are die hard gamers, as I've said a million times before.  We play sports on the Wii, Halo on the Xbox, and Call of Duty of PS3.  I'm sure you can imagine how excited we get when a new console or game comes out right?  Playstation 4 is on pre-order but l'm sure like many, you want to know if it's worth the purchase right? Well that's a … [Read more...]

Tech Talk: eyn iPhone 4/4s Storage Case

eyn iphone case

I actually noticed the eyn iPhone case on Pinterest a long time ago.  I then saw it on facebook recently and was reminded of just how cool and convenient it was.  Some info about it: - fits all iPhone 4/4S devices - hinged back for built-in storage space - holds three bank cards and cash comfortably - comes with enclosed mirror - kickstand … [Read more...]

For the Gamer – NCAA Football 13″ Review and ‘You’re Covered’ Facebook App


Those who know us best, know we are a gamer family.  Me and Toby were particularly excited to review the NCAA Football 13" game and since 'we got covered', it just gets us even more pumped to play.  Here's how you can get 'covered': Visit the Walmart Facebook app at and “like” it. Choose your favorite team, type of … [Read more...]

Disc to Digital

disc to digital

I am very much a tech nerd so I love learning about new programs that make my life easier.   You can turn your dvd/blu-ray movie discs into digital by simply taking them to Walmart and having a Vudu account.  I love this because as long as I have Internet, I'll be able to watch my favorite movies from anywhere. In the video, there are 3 Walmart … [Read more...]

Review of Kinect Rush, a Disney Pixar Game for Xbox 360


The Kinect has been a wonderful piece of equipment in addition to our Xbox 360.  It makes for great exercise and lots of laughs!  Toy Story and Cars are just two of Truett's favorite Disney movies/characters so when we got the game, Kinect Rush, Truett's eyes lit up immediately! The game includes characters from The Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille, … [Read more...]

Truett Loves his Kidz Gear Headphones {Giveaway}

truett with kidsz gear

When I say that Truett loves his Kidz Gear headphones, it's an understatement.  Not only does he love them, he has become obsessed with them.   He came home yesterday from school at 3:30, put them on, and literally wore them the rest of the night.  He probably took them off for maybe 30 minutes throughout the rest of the evening. HE LOVES THEM I … [Read more...]

NeatDesk Handles Receipts to Make Tax Time Less Stressful!


Tax time is fun huh?  Ummmm, no, not when your receipts are kept in a large tote like this...... But if you're smart, you'll invest in a unit from  The Neat Company -  A NeatDesk.  I am in love with this document scanner.  It's fast, it's simple, and it's smart!  I had seen a million times and was thrilled with the opportunity to review it … [Read more...]

A Peek at Dyson – Testing

I love seeing "behind the scenes" of products I love because in the end, it gives me more of an appreciation of what goes into the product. I've had the chance to attend several plants and factories and see how things are made and built and I just LOVE it. Seeing the hard work behind it and the people that believe in it just makes it more … [Read more...]

Making that Gift You Bought Extra Special

So fellas, you're buying a Mother's Day gift, something really awesome like an Apple iPad, which truly is an awesome gift that she's gonna love.  But, do you know what would really say that you put some thought into it?  Customizing it! Let's say you're buying her that oh so pretty white iPad.  What's an iPad without apps though right?  What a … [Read more...]

Photo Nuts and Shots – Tools & Techniques

Photos Nuts and Shots

I promoted the Photo Nuts and Bolts a long time ago because it had a plethora of information that was truly helpful.  I'm proud to share another brand new ebook from the fine folks over at Digital Photography School, called Photo Nuts and Shots - Tools & Techniques! WHAT'S INSIDE? Photo Nuts and Shots is perfect for you if: look at … [Read more...]

Who Needs the Theaters When You Have the MovieMate! (SO AWESOME)

Epson Moviemate 60 projector

A while back, on Facebook, I mentioned that Epson sent me the MovieMate 60 Projector and omg, it's the most awesome thing ever!  PERFECT Father's Day Gift by the way!!  I have to be honest with you though. When I was first asked if I wanted to review it, I thought it would be cool but I had no idea it would be THIS cool!  We've had so much fun with … [Read more...]

Intuition, My Digital Personal Assistant for iPhone,iPad or iPod Touch

ipod touch

When asked to review an app for the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad I was excited because the app was about productivity and organization.  I  hadn't heard of Intuition, the Mom's Personal Assistant so I was ready to dive in.  I think calling it a "mom's" is a little limiting because I think it can be used by all women and even men for that matter, … [Read more...]

Photo Nuts and Bolts – Know Your Camera and Improve Your Photos

Photo Nuts and Bolts ebook

Update: I am looking at this ebook and wowed with all the info and photo tutorials. EXCELLENT!  OH, and the pocket guide is sooooooo handy! I just printed it to keep with me at all times. Just released from DPS, is this fabulous ebook, Photo Nuts and Bolts, that compiles excellent tips and help for you to get to know your camera and improve your … [Read more...]

Photography Gift Idea – Lightscoop

Pitchfork Country Book Cover

EDITED TO ADD: There's a giveaway going on for one at that ends on Nov. 12th. Check it out! EDITED: From the folks at Lightscoop!! If anyone reading this would like to try out lightscoop, we are happy to offer a discount. For 10% off when you purchase Lightscoop - use code TNEWFOLPROMO when you checkout here … [Read more...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday: A Panasonic LIHD Family

Remember when I wrote about the Living in HD Community the other day. I about died when around 2hrs later, Fedex showed up at my doorstep with some papers.  Papers telling me our family was chosen as a LIHD Family!! WOOHOOO!!!  Papers have been signed and Pre-installation questions answered. You can read my previous post about it but some of … [Read more...]

Panasonic’s Living in HD Community

Panasonic's Living in HD community

I've always known Panasonic to be a brand that is affordable and built to last.  I grew up with their products as I'm sure many of you did so when I learned of their 'Living in HD' community, I was eager to learn more about their goals.  I have to be honest, the first thing that actually led me to the site, was the application to become an LIHD … [Read more...]

1000+ Photoshop Actions, Plugins, Presets, Tutorials and Brushes


As many of you know, photography is a passion of mine and lately, I'm craving it more and more. While I'm not a huge fan of overly processed photos, at least not on every single photo, I do like to pick some favorites and play with them in Adobe Photoshop. I thought it would be fun to share with you, some of the places I get my actions from. … [Read more...]

Developing a Photography Workflow, the Basics


Establishing a work-flow for processing your images can speed the editing up a great deal hence saving you time to do other things you love. I recommend the first thing you do is back up your photos. Don’t do it later, do it now and I recommend backing up to a DVD or to an external hard drive. The most obvious thing to do once you’ve … [Read more...]

My Nikon Goods and My Nikon Wish List

I'm often asked what's in my bag that is and while it's not everything I want, it's a start. I'll start with my bag.  It's a Quantarary Pro Backpack. It's okay...a little bigger than I'd like to have but it's been durable.  If I could recommend one, it would be the Nikon Backpack that holds your DSLR camera, lenses, and even your … [Read more...]

Turning Photos into Artwork with

COUPON CODE IS: cowboy15 I was excited to be able to try Photofiddle out.  I needed a picture of my son up on the wall and decided to use the bronc ride picture that I previously wrote about and turned into black and white.  Only this time, I chose to send in the original color version and asked for the oil painting version. Photofiddle takes … [Read more...]