Monster Headphones on Truett

Monster Headphones – Truett Couldn’t Be So Heartleeeesss

First of all, to get the title, you'll have to watch the video.  Second, we saw these Monster headphones on our holiday trip to Walmart's Headquarters and I have to say, we were super impressed! Aside from awesome sound, there are a few other things that make these Monster Headphones unique and cool; They are  N-credibly durable - ... Continue Reading

VTech retro cordless phone

Vtech Retro Cordless Phone #ACWGG

While the age of landline, bulky phones with a receiver are long gone, those images still manage to stir up a nostalgic feeling. At least for us anyways!  The VTech Retro Cordless Phone gives that you nostalgic feeling but with the latest technology must-haves and sleek styling.   It also comes in all sorts of colors. You get it in bold tangerine, ... Continue Reading


When Five Finger Discounters Strike, Be Protected!

In the past few months, there have been numerous break-ins in our local town.   Thieves are stealing from homes and vehicles and getting away with it.  Our community has taken some steps to catch these five finger discounters but it's important to protect your valuables, particularly when it comes to your overpriced smartphone!  A while back, I ... Continue Reading

sanus tv mount

Sanus VuePoint Full-Motion TV Wall Mount {Giveaway}

Safety is probably one of the last things people think about when buying a TV wall mount.  Most of want one for 'looks'.  But I'm talking about kids getting hurt and even getting killed buy an unsecured TV-one that tips over on them.  I have actually read a story on a blog about this happening to her son and him dying.  I cannot even imagine the ... Continue Reading

PS4 Controller

Playstation 4 Pre-Order

We are die hard gamers, as I've said a million times before.  We play sports on the Wii, Halo on the Xbox, and Call of Duty of PS3.  I'm sure you can imagine how excited we get when a new console or game comes out right?  Playstation 4 is on pre-order but l'm sure like many, you want to know if it's worth the purchase right? Well that's a ... Continue Reading

eyn iphone case

Tech Talk: eyn iPhone 4/4s Storage Case

I actually noticed the eyn iPhone case on Pinterest a long time ago.  I then saw it on facebook recently and was reminded of just how cool and convenient it was.  Some info about it: - fits all iPhone 4/4S devices - hinged back for built-in storage space - holds three bank cards and cash comfortably - comes with enclosed mirror - kickstand ... Continue Reading

disc to digital

Disc to Digital

I am very much a tech nerd so I love learning about new programs that make my life easier.   You can turn your dvd/blu-ray movie discs into digital by simply taking them to Walmart and having a Vudu account.  I love this because as long as I have Internet, I'll be able to watch my favorite movies from anywhere. In the video, there are 3 Walmart ... Continue Reading


Review of Kinect Rush, a Disney Pixar Game for Xbox 360

The Kinect has been a wonderful piece of equipment in addition to our Xbox 360.  It makes for great exercise and lots of laughs!  Toy Story and Cars are just two of Truett's favorite Disney movies/characters so when we got the game, Kinect Rush, Truett's eyes lit up immediately! The game includes characters from The Incredibles, Up, Ratatouille, ... Continue Reading