Easter Chocolate Dipped Bunny Peeps

Chocolate Dipped Bunny Marshmallow Peeps

Here's an easy and fun way to dress those plain ol' marshmallow peeps you see everywhere!  Chocolate dipped with sprinkles y'all. Doesn't get any easier than that and what a great treat for the kiddos school party or church Easter egg hunt! Push a stick through the bunny, dip in melted chocolate, and sprinkle with all the colorful sprinkles! … [Read more...]

Bite Size Cherry Pies

Bite Size Cherry Pies

You would think with a house full of fellas, Valentine's Day would be pretty special for me.......wrong.  And that's okay!  I'm perfectly capable of making it a special day myself by whipping up some bite size cherry pies! I might even share! The great thing about these bite size cherry pies, is that they are super simple to make.  … [Read more...]

Thanksgiving Meal Prep


Thanksgiving is supposed to be this fun, family event where you enjoy one another and say thanks, and it is.  Often times though, it can become stressful.  Don't let it though!! Have a plan y'all!  And if you're new to cooking a Thanksgiving meal, just call for help!  I was on the phone with my mom and grandma numerous times when I cooked my very … [Read more...]

Big Ol’ Heart Cookie for Valentine’s Day

valentines baking5

If you're looking for a last minute, quick & easy Valentine's Day treat to whip up, I've got a nifty idea for you using Nestle's Cookie-Brownie Delight Kit and Valentine Dark Chocolate/Red Morsels.   We thought this would be an extra special treat for his teacher, the post lady, or even the nice women in the community who have watched your kid … [Read more...]

DIY: Conversation Candy Hearts Necklace

candy hearts necklace

I am loving the create your own conversation hearts!  We made a cookie candy hearts bouquet for little man's teacher and today we're bringing you candy heart necklaces for the little ladies. This is super easy and cheap to create.  I first learned the technique from Aunt Kathy. She made one with money for my son's graduation and I thought it … [Read more...]

Candy Hearts Bouquet for Valentine’s Day

Candy Hearts Bouquet

Valentine's Day is approaching and boy have I got a fun idea that would be great for a school party for the kids and teacher.  Brach's create your own conversation hearts allows you to personalize these fun candy hearts with an edible food coloring pen.  This is a fabulous idea because I know I have personally wanted to add my own wording to suit … [Read more...]

Grab-n-Go Halloween Treats

Grab-n-Go Halloween Treats

I love Halloween treats! I've made Black Cat cookies, Crescent Mummy Dogs, Boo Babies, Witches Brooms, Candy Covered Mini Chocolate Apple Bites, and even a Hair Raising Cake in support of Halloween and Breast Cancer Awareness month. Let's face it though, we don't always have time to make these kinds of treats. In fact, I haven't made anything in a … [Read more...]

Mini Brownie “Ice Cream” Cones with Creamy, Whipped Chocolate Mousse

pampered chef host

By looking at the photo, you'd have no clue just how adorable these brownie 'ice cream' cones really are but lemme tell ya----SUPER CUTE!  I was sent some Kraft Philadelphia Indulgence chocolate spread to try out but I wasn't sure how I wanted to use it.  I had bought these mini cones the other day to make for Truett's class.  After looking through … [Read more...]

Spring DIY: Easter Peeps S’mores

Easter Peep S'mores

Are you on Pinterest? If not, you should be because that's where I found this adorable idea! I'm making these Easter Peeps S'mores for Truett's pre-k class along with the Goldfish Carrots.  I think they're both gonna be a big hit for their little Easter baskets! How will a S'more taste made with a Peeps rabbit? My own husband said it was … [Read more...]

Spring DIY: Goldfish Filled Carrots for Easter Baskets

Easter Goldfish carrots

Easter is just around the corner and I've been on the prowl for some Easter goodies to make for Truett's class.  I've seen these 'Easter Carrots' before but most of them were filled with candy; reese's pieces, orange jelly beans, orange m&ms, etc.  Because there is a little girl in Truett's class that's allergic to red dye (and yes, orange … [Read more...]

Quick Fix! Valentine’s Day Popcorn Bags


You could easily make these Valentine popcorn bag treats for any occasion but I needed a quick fix for my son's Valentine's Day party.   I could make a number of things but since one of the little girls in his class is allergic to red dye, I decided to go with a general treat, placed in a themed bag.  This is super easy, fast, budget friendly, and … [Read more...]

Truett’s 5th Birthday ‘Car’ Cake, Wilton Style

5th Birthday Racetrack Car Cake

Oh man, making a car themed cake was more of a task than I thought but I have narrowed my issues down to a couple of things that I'll get to a little later.  Truett turned 5 years old today and all I could think about was when my two oldest were that age...and how grown they are now.  That means time will fly by again and Truett will be a Senior in … [Read more...]

Cupcakes and Cakes with Wilton and Little Man

Wilton Cowboy Cake

When Wilton asked me to do a review, I had no idea all the wonderful goodies they would be sending would be so fabulous and make little man go CRAZY!! As a long time user of Wilton, I honestly knew this review would be biased because well, I have always loved them.   My son's 4th birthday was so special because of his cowboy cake, made in a Wilton … [Read more...]

Halloween Treat – Witches Brooms

Witches Brooms

One last Halloween treat for you guys!   These Witches Brooms are cute and tasty!  One recommendation would be to use your own peanut butter cookie dough recipe or even the store bought roll.  This one was okay but I've had better.  And of course you can make your own orange icing or you can buy ones like Wilton's Squeeze bottle icing. Let me know … [Read more...]