fantasy football draft

Fan Friday: Fantasy Football Draft 2015

For 3 years now, we've participated in a fantasy football league with our BIL, in hopes of being the champions in the end.  I totally feel like this year, is our year!  Yeah, I say this every year but this year is really the year y'all!! We sat down the other night to draft our picks for the 2015 season.  It took 3 1/2 hours to do this.  And ... Continue Reading

DIY Body Butter with Essential Oils

DIY Body Butter with Essential Oils

Whether you live in the West Texas heat or you're preparing for the fall and winter months, I've got a rich & creamy body butter with essential oils to soothe and soften your skin.  It's just heavenly! If you don't already know, I am completely new to making these types of things but holy cow, I'm having a blast with it!  I've been using ... Continue Reading

DIY Yarn Star Frame

DIY Yarn Star Frame Craft

This DIY yarn star frame is a simple craft with things you probably already have on hand, but if you want it to be specific to the Fourth of July, then you need red, white, and blue yarn!  Your kiddos can even help you with this.  It's a fun way to show off those independence day photos too! I'll be changing mine out with a new one this year.   ... Continue Reading

lori and boys

Finding Purpose When Your Babies Grow Up

I've been laying on the sofa all day, watching sappy movies and eating chocolate covered raisins, and wondering, how did I get here.  It's been no secret that in the last three years or so, I have become somewhat changed, but wasn't sure why.  Today, I realized my why. Being married since 16, and a mom since 17, my life has been consumed ... Continue Reading

Texas Rangers clothing

Texas Rangers Gear for Us Fanatics!

Having raised three boys, I have an appreciate for sports.  Even before then, though, I always enjoyed football, soccer, tennis, and baseball.  My brother once played as the pitcher in his younger years and when I was around 15 or so, I attended my first Texas Rangers game.  That was back when Nolan Ryan was a super big deal and I can still ... Continue Reading

Truett with Mott's Snack and Go applesauce

After Practice Snack – Mott’s Snack & Go Applesauce

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Mott's for my time & efforts to create this post.  Opinions are mine, as always, and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Mott's. So guess what, y'all?  I'm a baseball mom.  I have never been one before, so it's kinda exciting.  I'm learning the lingo, dressing the part, and becoming that ... Continue Reading


Getting Active – Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp

It's all about getting out of the house and getting active this Summer.  British Soccer you say?  If you haven't heard of Challenger Sports British Soccer Camp, you need to check it out. I have heard nothing but awesome things about this soccer camp from EVERYONE! British Soccer Camp is one of the most popular camps in North America - ... Continue Reading


DIY Made Easy – Repurposed Picture Frame

I seriously have too many picture frames laying around....some with a crack in the glass!  I decided to throw out the glass and reuse the frame.  I see things like this all the time but finally took the time to make it.  I repurposed a picture frame with family photos. This has got to be the easier craft ever! I have a few barn wood frames ... Continue Reading

cowboy breaking ice

Feedin’ Cows and Breakin’ Ice

We don't usually get such icy conditions in this part of Texas but boy did we have a cold spell to start the New Year.  We were out of power for almost 2 days, some are still out as I type this post.  Regardless, cows still gotta eat and they definitely need water!  That means we're feeding' cows and breakin' ice! Normally I don't go with my ... Continue Reading

Falcon boys

Our 2015 (and beyond) Goals for Our Son

This post isn't about me, but about my son. I have been overweight for so many years.  Even in my younger years, I wasn't 'fat' but was bigger than the other girls.  I know first hand how cruel and unhealthy being fat is.  I do NOT want that for my son.  Anyone that sees Truett, doesn't think of him as fat but as a second grade 8 year old ... Continue Reading