DIY Made Easy – Repurposed Picture Frame

Repurposed Picture Frame

I seriously have too many picture frames laying around....some with a crack in the glass!  I decided to throw out the glass and reuse the frame.  I see things like this all the time but finally took the time to make it.  I repurposed a picture frame with family photos. This has got to be the easier craft ever! I have a few barn wood frames … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Gift Party Favors

DIY Christmas Gift Party Favors

OMYCOW y'all, look at what I made!!  I'm putting together some goody bags for Truett's class and made these super cute diy Christmas gift party favors, filled with candy! You guys, you can't make anything more simple I'd love for you to Pin this on Pinterest too and check out my adorable Reindeer Cookie Pops to add to your party goody bags!   … [Read more...]

Cricut Crafts: Snowflake Luminary Tutorial

Snowflake Luminary Cricut Tutorial

If you guys haven't had a chance to snag a Cricut Explore, I suggest you do it now and take advantage of the holiday deals!  Recently, I shared my Angel Wings Memorial Ornament and since I had so much fun making it, I thought I'd share this snowflake luminary cricut tutorial. I'm really finding that handmade items hold so much more … [Read more...]

DIY Halloween Door Stop Using a Toilet Plunger!

Halloween Door Stop

I know what you're thinking...a toilet plunger?  But it works great and you should see the themes my mom came up with for each holiday. Super cute y'all!  Right now, I'm sharing the Halloween Door Stop and fyi, this is a no instructions post.  I'm just sharing the idea and what we used but you can make it your own. I literally showed up at … [Read more...]

Knitted Candy Corn Garland

Knitted Candy Corn Garland

Not too long ago I shared some adorable, knitted candy corn potholders and today, I'm sharing knitted candy corn garland. This is super duper easy but looks just festive and fun for Fall! HA! As I previously told you, there is something about yarn that is comforting to me.   I hope y'all are enjoying these types of posts as much as I like … [Read more...]

DIY Spooky Drinkware for Kids for Halloween

Spooky Drinkware

This spooky drinkware is a great idea for the kids if you're hosting a Halloween party this year!  The best part is the kids can help you paint and draw their faces, giving you both some bonding time.  I know that Halloween is not everyone's cup of tea but we love the holiday around here.   We definitely try not to get too scary so even with these … [Read more...]

Knitted Candy Corn Potholder

Knitted Candy Corn Potholder

The colder days are just around the corner and that means it's time to knit and crochet and do things that make us feel warm and fuzzy.   It's something that has always comforted me and I just love anything handmade.   These knitted candy corn potholders are such a sweet gift idea y'all.  They're super easy to make and just flat our adorable. … [Read more...]

Rust-Oleum NeverWet™ Spray is Awesomeness in a Can

bird seed

Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Rust-Oleum® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Rust-Oleum®. If you haven't heard of Rust-Oleum NeverWet™ Moisture Repelling Treatment, don't worry, neither had I.  Thanks to my son Toby, I got a winded explanation of … [Read more...]

Giving an Old Patio Set a Fresh Look with Rust-Oleum® Universal® Gloss Spray


Disclosure: Compensation was provided by Rust-Oleum® via Glam Media. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Rust-Oleum®. The kids are out of school, the Texas heat is in full swing, and grilling has begun!  It's time to spend our evenings in the backyard y'all! This year, … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Dum Dums Candy Bouquet

Valentines Day Dum Dums Candy Bouquet

This Valentine's Day Dum Dums Candy Bouquet would make a great teacher gift or youth pastor gift!  It's so easy to make and is sure to bring a smile to all. Pin this! I've seen similar bouquets over the years but never made one.  What I love about this craft, is that little hands can help!  I mean seriously, you're just pushing in Dum Dums … [Read more...]

Chinese New Year Felt Fortune Cookies Craft

Chinese New Year Felt Fortune Cookies

What's the Chinese New Year all about? Read below and see you can celebrate with this easy-to-make craft; Chinese Felt Fortune Cookies! The Chinese festival marking the start of the new year, beginning on the second new moon after the winter solstice and ending on the full moon fifteen days later. It is marked by visits to family and friends, … [Read more...]

Memorial Photo Collage Craft – Letter B

Memory Photo Collage with Letter B

February 4th will be six months since Bobby has been gone.  Honestly, it doesn't feel like that to me at all.  One of the things I always worried about when my older boys were little, was them forgetting about their Wela when she passed.  So with Truett, I want to make sure he's surrounded by stories and photos of his Pop.  The hardest decision I … [Read more...]

Christmas Crafts – Painting!

Painted LOVE craft

Oh man did me and Truett have a blast painting Christmas crafts!  He kept saying, "I LOVE to paint mom", over and over again.  It was sweet!  Truett painted ornaments and snowmen while I painted 'LOVE'. I have to say, Truett did not inherit the artistic side of his dad and oldest brother.  Nevertheless, I was proud that he was proud of the … [Read more...]

Easy Christmas Craft for Kids – DIY Snow Globe

DIY Snow Globe

DIY snow globes are an easy, kid friendly craft to make.  Truett did everything except the lid and he had a blast! I saw these little Christmas trees at Walmart for $.75 cents and went with that, but now that I think about it, since it was for Truett, I should have bought one of those Disney Ornaments! They would have been cute inside the … [Read more...]

DIY Christmas Memory Ornament

DIY Christmas Ornament

This Christmas ornament was not thought out at all.  My son had to have a Senior ornament to decorate the tree at school.  It was due on a Monday and it happened to be Sunday night.  I had no idea what to make and remember seeing something similar that was all glittered up.  I had no idea how it was made so I just 'went with it'.  I got it done, … [Read more...]

Christmas Santa Bucket

Christmas Santa Bucket

HO HO HOLY COW!  Can you believe it's that time of year already?!  We love the giving the goes on during this time of year and, of course, the Christmas decorations!  Here's an easy DIY Christmas Santa Bucket craft that takes no time to make and cute to boot! This Santa bucket would be a cute gift idea for a teacher!  You could fill it with … [Read more...]

DIY – Cinnamon Stick Floral Centerpiece for Christmas

Cinnamon Stick Floral Centerpiece for Christmas

One of the fun traditions that my friend has, is creating Christmas decor & ornaments during their Thanksgiving festivities.  If there were more women in the crew that I'm feeding for Thanksgiving, I'd so start it as our own.  Since I don't though, I just have to randomly get my DIY to create some fun Christmas pieces.  Today I'm sharing a … [Read more...]

DIY Wreath Craft with Matching Table Centerpiece, for Thanksgiving

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

Families everywhere will gather up to devour Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the company of family & friends.  If you plan on hosting a dinner, then some holiday decor is in order to help spruce up the home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Wreaths can be costly but if you buy just a few supplies, you can make your own, along with some other decor … [Read more...]

Halloween Lollipop BOOquet Craft

Halloween Lollipop BOOquet

This Halloween Lollipop BOOquet craft is so easy, kids can do it! In fact, my Truett did half the work!  And the best part of this Halloween craft?  It cost well under $10, more like $6 to make and is a great gift idea for teachers and friends. There are probably several of these supplies that you already have at home like Kleenex, marker, … [Read more...]

Fall Decor – Table Centerpiece with Leaves and Pumpkins

Fall Table Decor

You can't serve Pumpkin Pie Dip on a plain ol' table now can ya?  I'll show you how taking some very affordable Fall decorations can turn a table from drab to fab. And I ain't got much decor sense about me either, but even I can do this. One of the big reasons I don't decorate a whole lot, is because it can get expensive.  I've decided to … [Read more...]

DIY Bird Bath

DIY Bird Bath

I don't know if you've looked lately but bird bath fixtures are quite pricey.  And most them are kinda ugly to me.  I originally wanted to paint my own design on plain clay pots but couldn't find exactly what I needed, so, I went with another idea!  At full price, this DIY Bird Bath can be made for less than $25.  With my lucky find of clearance … [Read more...]

Healthy In a Jar for 4th of July

healthy in a jar

4th of July is not only a day of independence, it's an excuse to cook-out.  We just grilled ribs and chicken in celebration of the holiday!  There's also lots of soda intake on this occasion and because I have been trying so hard to keep Truett away from soda and encourage water, I knew I needed a creative way for him to stay hydrated during 4th of … [Read more...]

Kid Activities – Paper Plate Ring Toss!

DIY Paper Plate Ring Toss

Summer Summer Summertime!  We're sharing kid activities to keep your kiddos busy this Summer and today, we're bringing you Paper Plate Ring Toss!  Wouldn't this be cool during the Olympics!  Don't forget to alternate games during the weeks to keep it fresh and be sure to check out the Homemade Bubble Solution with Filling Station and the DIY Paddle … [Read more...]

Kid Activities – DIY Paddle for Balloon Bounce Game!

DIY Paddle for Balloon Bounce Game

We are still having a blast with our homemade bubble solution but today I wanted to bring you balloon bounce, a fun indoor game.  Usually from about 12pm-6pm, it stays smoldering hot here in Texas so when you're not able to cool down in the pool, you can play this! The kids will spend quite a bit of time decorating their paper plates so not … [Read more...]

Kids Activities – Homemade Bubbles Solution!


Teachers love this time of year, parents dread it.  Yep, school is out for the Summer.  It doesn't have to be boring though and I'll be sharing some fun kid activities that you can do with your kiddo this Summer!  First on the list, BUBBLES! I'm sure you've seen these bubble filling stations all over pinterest and of course, I had to do it … [Read more...]

DIY: Vase Makeover Using Rust-Oleum and Rubberbands

abstract art vase makeover

If you're like me, you have clear vases stashed everywhere.  Clear vases are usually pretty cost-friendly but not always eye appealing.  This very simple DIY makeover takes less than 10 minutes and only uses two supplies, bringing the cost to less than $5 bucks if you already have a vase.  And if you don't have a clear vase, no worries.  The … [Read more...]

Lightning McQueen’s ‘Bolt’ Using Glidden Paint in Disney Colors


Truett's room is so blah.  I really think that's a big reason he doesn't spend much time in here. It's drab and boring and I wouldn't want to be in there either.  It needed some umph! If you haven't seen the awesome Disney paints that Glidden has, you need to check them out.  Truett picked out the colors and we went with the … [Read more...]