Affordable Sporting Goods We Have Bought at Walmart

sporting goods

I have always loved watching my kids play sports, whether for fun or competitively.  One of the things I don't love, is how much it the equipment and accessories can cost, especially if you're buying from an actual sporting goods store.  I'm showing you that you don't have to spend a fortune on sporting goods though. There are good quality pieces … [Read more...]

Maybe I’m Meant to be Fat……

I was never a skinny girl.  I was a size 9 in high school and my friends were a 3 and 5.  I can remember our high school coach teasing me about my weight, saying that if I needed any extra pairs of jeans, he could bring me a pair of his but that they might be too small.   It was always something though.  Whether it was my red birthmark that covered … [Read more...]

Activewear, You Know, For Those Active Moments

danskin activewear

More clever titles!! Man, I bet you just can't get enough right?!  It's that time of year when we take a new path down healthy lane with pitstops at exercise drive.  We buy more fresh produce and of course, workout clothes. I am no exception.  And just in case you get curious, like most folks do, that is my birthmark on my right leg. I went … [Read more...]

Getting My Walk On


The other night, me and my husband were talking about weight.  We were talking about how much harder it is for a woman to lose weight than a man, etc.  But as usual, he said I'm fine the way I am but had a suggestion.  He said that I should walk to clear my mind.   He mentioned how it can't be mentally healthy to get up and go straight to work on … [Read more...]

Lands’ End National Swimsuit Confidence Week

Lands' End Swimsuit

I haven't worn a swimsuit in many years.  That happens after having 3 kids, gaining tons of weight, and just losing confidence in yourself.  But, I'm going on a cruise next January for our 20th anniversary and I've been working on losing some weight.  In fact, from the time that Lands' End reached out to me and ordered this swimsuit, to the time I … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty: March Weigh In


I knew this last month would be hard because of spring break but we also did a lot of eating for some reason.  Despite that, I think I did well. I noticed that I had more mental issues this time around.  I found it harder to get ready to leave to town for my workouts but once I got there, I felt great working out.   I cheated with food much more … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty: Food, Fat, and Bench Dips


I started my Nutrisystem food last week.  So far I've liked everything I've tried but two items.   I'll talk more about that later.  The first thing I noticed was serving size of the items, which is fairly small but what I think people don't realize, is that you are supposed to add food to each Nutrisystem meal and when you do that, it actually … [Read more...]

People that Inspire My Weight Loss


You know how you see those commercials with the before & afters and while they look great, I don't know who those people are so it means a little less to me. For me, I need to changes like that from real people that I know, have hugged, and can talk to any time of day. I'm extremely lucky to have the support system that I do. My kids & … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty: One Month, Measurements Update

weight loss measurements

It's been exactly one month since I've been going hard at Anytime Fitness and hiring Sarah as my personal trainer.    It was a month that I thought would be easier with a trainer and while I find it much more motivating to have a trainer, it definitely isn't easy. Everything about the workout is hard and exhausting, and at times, will have you … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty: Pushing Through and Something New


This week marks the 1 month anniversary that I've been working out with my trainer at Anytime Fitness.  While I haven't lost tons of weight, I have gained muscle, strength, and confidence.  We take measurements in  a few days and I know I've lost 8 pounds but I'm really impressed with several changes with my body and mind. When I first started … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty: Presentation Matters When Cutting Calories


I'm determined to lose weight so when my trainer told me I needed to keep my calorie range within 1300-1500, I knew I'd be counting calories and reading labels. She told me to start out by eating what I normally do but smaller portions and when I can, swap out something. We started with soda. If you've followed me, you know I have an issue … [Read more...]

Virtual River Rafting with Kinect Adventures and Truett

Xbox 360 Kinect Adventures

I'm determined to "Get Moving" more in 2011 so as part of my Fresh Start goals, I'm playing more active games with my son.  You've all heard the buzz about the new Kinect for Xbox 360 but have you played it?  It is soooooooo awesome! First off, the Kinect sensor works really well.  It tracks every body move perfectly and I love how the … [Read more...]

A Fresh Start – Carrying a Lighter Load


Hopefully anyways..... For the new year, like everyone else, I plan to work on my weight.  As many of you know, it's been a struggle for years for me but the difference this year, is that I've actually learned some important things.   I've had the fortunate opportunity to visit the California Health and Longevity Institute where I had one on one … [Read more...]

Letting Go and Getting Smart

For years and years I've struggled with my weight, as most of you probably know since I do write about it here.   To this day, I pull at my shirt while walking around in my own house to "hide my fat".  I sneak an extra piece of bread or something just so I don't get any looks from my family that convey "another piece?", not that they would ever do … [Read more...]

Mental and Physical Accountability

Me, breathing during the Pow Wow

Oh man, talk about feeling like a train going 100 mph!  I never expected to be so busy OFFLINE as I am these days.  No complaints really because I like that actually. I like having a purpose and something to do for me and my family.   I've been feeling inspired lately by the people around me, physically and mentally.  Every since the whole … [Read more...]

Teeth Brushing that Lasts Longer than it Takes for Me to Get Ready

teeth brushing

You gotta love him though.  I guess brushing teeth is super cool to a three year old; putting the toothpaste on the toothbrush and doing it all by yourself.  Or at least that's what I figure.  He gets to do that and spit...what else could a boy want right?  He's really good at it too.  He does all his teeth, his tongue and even the top of his … [Read more...]

Philosophy Beauty Gifts for Mom


Mother's Day is around the corner and Philosophy would be at the top of my own list of gift giving and receiving.  I'm in love with the Microdelivery Peel and Falling in Love fragrance.  The Peel makes my face feel amazing. It literally wipes away the dead skin, leaving me feel revived.  I usually use it once a week.  You can find a "comparable" at … [Read more...]

Regulating Our Bottom and Our Heart


Oh man, I crack myself up!!! You know that title makes you giggle, admit it! My weight loss goals have a lot to do with vanity I’ll admit but it’s not the only reason.  Heart disease isn’t something that I think about until I’m lying in bed feeling my heart pounding like it’s gonna come out of my chest and all the blood rushing to my head.  … [Read more...]

See Me Working Out on TV


Sooo, I have this new video camera that is in a newer format that I can't edit.  I tried really hard to make it better but until I can find a good software to edit, this is what you get. This is just a brief peek at me working out to the Your Shape Wii Game so that you can see how it works.  Find out … [Read more...]

Your Shape Challenge Update

photos 002

First of all, I've done a lot of exercise programs but what I love about Your Shape is the simplicity of the moves.  They are very effective but simple.  I love the countdown clock letting you know how much time is left in your workout with in-between shots of how many calories you've already burned.  It's motivating to see that, for me at least.  … [Read more...]

Bring Jenny into YOUR Home with YOUR Shape!


Whether you're just getting started or wanting some variety to your current workout routines, Your Shape is a super fun way to do that!  Actually seeing yourself on the TV screen, working out really is the coolest thing and seeing myself fat actually motivates me to do those moves faster, better, and more powerful.  You can read more about it in my … [Read more...]

Your Shape Challenge Officially Begins Today

Today marks Day 1 of the Your Shape Challenge, a 3 month challenge to get fit, or in my case, lose weight.  I've always tried to do weight loss things by myself and usually fail so I thought this would be a great way to hold myself accountable. And to top it off, we will compete for prizes which gives even more motivation to lose weight. I … [Read more...]

Weight Watchers

I've heard nothing but good things about Weight Watchers. Hearing other folk's success stories and how easy the point system is just inspires me even more. What really did it for me though is one little question I had turned out what seemed like gazillions of replies. Replies of support, encouragement, and motivation. Everyone is so dang helpful … [Read more...]

My struggle

Such a weird word, right? Struggle? Well, that's how it feels to me! I'm Cheryl. I'm a 28 year old mom of two wonderful little girls. Lauren who will be 3 on the 20th of January and Jillian who just turned 1 in September. I've always been unhappy with my weight, even when I was "thin" I thought I was fat. I started gaining weight when I met my … [Read more...]

The Past Four Days

So it was just New Year's Eve when I announced on Twitter and Facebook that I had hit the 200 mark. I was shocked and disgusted with myself. I cried and cried and cried some more. I just couldn't believe it. We all have that mark you know. The one that we say we never want to be at. Well, that was my mark. And as much as I love the nice words … [Read more...]

I need to WORK IT, girl!

I am so out of shape I can't even run around the block without panting like a sheepdog on a tanning bed. My goal is to be fit. I may only need to lose about 10 pounds on the scale, but girl, I've got years of computer ass to undo. I'm looking to my good online buddies for inspiration and comradery as I whip my sorry butt into shape. Susan … [Read more...]

OMG!!! I'm 150 lbs!!!

Holy crap! how did I get to 150lbs at the age of 41??? This is NOT good! I have GOT to find the motivation to get off my but and exercise. My desk job and "blogging" life after work are TOTALLY killing my body. I can't do it all. I have to take care of myself. … [Read more...]