sporting goods

Affordable Sporting Goods We Have Bought at Walmart

I have always loved watching my kids play sports, whether for fun or competitively.  One of the things I don't love, is how much it the equipment and accessories can cost, especially if you're buying from an actual sporting goods store.  I'm showing you that you don't have to spend a fortune on sporting goods though. There are good quality pieces ... Continue Reading

Maybe I’m Meant to be Fat……

I was never a skinny girl.  I was a size 9 in high school and my friends were a 3 and 5.  I can remember our high school coach teasing me about my weight, saying that if I needed any extra pairs of jeans, he could bring me a pair of his but that they might be too small.   It was always something though.  Whether it was my red birthmark that covered ... Continue Reading

danskin activewear

Activewear, You Know, For Those Active Moments

More clever titles!! Man, I bet you just can't get enough right?!  It's that time of year when we take a new path down healthy lane with pitstops at exercise drive.  We buy more fresh produce and of course, workout clothes. I am no exception.  And just in case you get curious, like most folks do, that is my birthmark on my right leg. I went ... Continue Reading


Getting My Walk On

The other night, me and my husband were talking about weight.  We were talking about how much harder it is for a woman to lose weight than a man, etc.  But as usual, he said I'm fine the way I am but had a suggestion.  He said that I should walk to clear my mind.   He mentioned how it can't be mentally healthy to get up and go straight to work on ... Continue Reading

Lands' End Swimsuit

Lands™ End National Swimsuit Confidence Week

I haven't worn a swimsuit in many years.  That happens after having 3 kids, gaining tons of weight, and just losing confidence in yourself.  But, I'm going on a cruise next January for our 20th anniversary and I've been working on losing some weight.  In fact, from the time that Lands' End reached out to me and ordered this swimsuit, to the time I ... Continue Reading


Operation Fatty: March Weigh In

I knew this last month would be hard because of spring break but we also did a lot of eating for some reason.  Despite that, I think I did well. I noticed that I had more mental issues this time around.  I found it harder to get ready to leave to town for my workouts but once I got there, I felt great working out.   I cheated with food much more ... Continue Reading


Operation Fatty: Food, Fat, and Bench Dips

I started my Nutrisystem food last week.  So far I've liked everything I've tried but two items.   I'll talk more about that later.  The first thing I noticed was serving size of the items, which is fairly small but what I think people don't realize, is that you are supposed to add food to each Nutrisystem meal and when you do that, it actually ... Continue Reading


People that Inspire My Weight Loss

You know how you see those commercials with the before & afters and while they look great, I don't know who those people are so it means a little less to me. For me, I need to changes like that from real people that I know, have hugged, and can talk to any time of day. I'm extremely lucky to have the support system that I do. My kids & ... Continue Reading

weight loss measurements

Operation Fatty: One Month, Measurements Update

It's been exactly one month since I've been going hard at Anytime Fitness and hiring Sarah as my personal trainer.    It was a month that I thought would be easier with a trainer and while I find it much more motivating to have a trainer, it definitely isn't easy. Everything about the workout is hard and exhausting, and at times, will have you ... Continue Reading


Operation Fatty: Pushing Through and Something New

This week marks the 1 month anniversary that I've been working out with my trainer at Anytime Fitness.  While I haven't lost tons of weight, I have gained muscle, strength, and confidence.  We take measurements in  a few days and I know I've lost 8 pounds but I'm really impressed with several changes with my body and mind. When I first started ... Continue Reading