Photographing FOOD Issues 1 and 2

Photographing food color and camera

I haven't shared a photography resource in a while but I'm about to start back up again.   Today I wanted to share Photographing FOOD.  It's a downloadable ebook that is absolutely fabulous in providing you the know-how to create a beautiful food photo.  There have only been two issues published but I'm sure that's just the beginning.  They are two … [Read more...]

Alphabet Art Photography – A Gift I Made for My Friend


Just the other day, my good friend Vicki had her *ahem* 20 birthday.  I thought about what to get her for two weeks and then I actually remembered something.  It seems my memory fails me often these days so I was tickled to remember.  Anyways, we had been browsing a local store, Vicki's Gifts, when she saw this one item and made a statement about … [Read more...]

DIY: How to Make a Light-Box for Photography Using PVC Pipe


Cat has inspired me to work on my photos for my food blog.  Having good lighting is essential and in my house, there is zero.none.zilch.  I was havin' to open the front door, lug a table over, place white board down and pray nobody opened the door to let the Texas wind blow it all down.  I decided to search for a diy light-box.  I found one that I … [Read more...]

Photo Nuts and Shots – Tools & Techniques

Photos Nuts and Shots

I promoted the Photo Nuts and Bolts a long time ago because it had a plethora of information that was truly helpful.  I'm proud to share another brand new ebook from the fine folks over at Digital Photography School, called Photo Nuts and Shots - Tools & Techniques! WHAT'S INSIDE? Photo Nuts and Shots is perfect for you if: look at … [Read more...]

A Hot Coors Light

coors light in fire

I'm taking advantage of this new D90 that Nikon sent me. It's definitely different than my dinosaur D70s but I love all the changes and extras on it. While at a recent ugly sweater party, I snapped a photo of this Coors Light can in the fire. I thought it made a pretty picture. I could have taken photos of the all the ugly sweaters I … [Read more...]

Preserving 2010 Photo Favorites {Giveaway}


2010 is almost over and with that, I find myself reflecting on the things I've experienced and accomplished throughout the year.  It's been a great year, however, I did find myself having mental exhaustion that affected me offline and on.  It wasn't until recently that I nursed that exhaustion and so now, with a fresh outlook, I look forward to … [Read more...]

Name that Blogger


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Photo Nuts and Bolts – Know Your Camera and Improve Your Photos

Photo Nuts and Bolts ebook

Update: I am looking at this ebook and wowed with all the info and photo tutorials. EXCELLENT!  OH, and the pocket guide is sooooooo handy! I just printed it to keep with me at all times. Just released from DPS, is this fabulous ebook, Photo Nuts and Bolts, that compiles excellent tips and help for you to get to know your camera and improve your … [Read more...]

Just Clickin’ with Women Who Love Photography

Clickin Moms  Photography

Whether you're a photography buff or hobbyist at heart, I have the perfect community for you to be a part of;  Clickin Moms.  Not just for moms mind you but for all women who share the same passion for photography. When you arrive to their site, you are in awe of the breathtaking, endearing photos to the right and soothed by the color … [Read more...]

Simple Moments

Puppy Love

I'm not online as much as before and with good reason; it's to enjoy living, family, and the simple moments that you might not see as meaningful but I do. Truett loves Max. He goes down the slide with him, sometimes pushing him down.  He acts like he's shoeing him.  He chases him and pulls his tail but it's this sweet 15-second moment that shows … [Read more...]

Patrick the Leafhopper

Leaf like Grasshopper

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Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Sapphire

KODAK Zi6 Pocket Video Camera

It’s time for another round of the  Blue Ribbon Photos contest.  I am loving what people are submitting for their photo entries in each theme! Can't wait to see what everyone does for the theme this month!  I’ve been working hard to gather sponsors up for you guys which is why the contest was absent last month. It’s good to go from here on … [Read more...]

1000+ Photoshop Actions, Plugins, Presets, Tutorials and Brushes


As many of you know, photography is a passion of mine and lately, I'm craving it more and more. While I'm not a huge fan of overly processed photos, at least not on every single photo, I do like to pick some favorites and play with them in Adobe Photoshop. I thought it would be fun to share with you, some of the places I get my actions from. … [Read more...]

Faces – Blue Ribbon Winner


So sorry for the delay folks. I never expected July to be so hectic! Man there were some GREAT entries with this theme!! I am so glad that I didn't have to choose the winner this time around because I would not have been able to do it!  A couple of my favorites are this strong fella fighting back the tears. What a great photo capture of … [Read more...]

Just Like Dad


I don't go very often when the guys are working so closely with the cows because I have terrible allergies when I get around them.  I know huh..married to a cowboy and allergic to cows and horse hair. geez. Anyways, little man loves to be with dad and becomes quite the helper during the works.  I think he needs some leggin's though don't you?  … [Read more...]

Vintage Days, Vintage Looks


My husband and son were meant to live back in the olden days.  Not this gal tho, no sir-ree!  I just assume to live in the day of the iphone and airplanes. Anyways, don't cowboys and their gear just look better vintage style?  It's like it takes you back to those John Wayne days, the days where people worked hard and had values.  When things … [Read more...]

Blue Ribbon Photos, Photography Contest – Faces

It's time for the second Blue Ribbon Photos contest.  The first one was a great success and I can't wait to see what everyone does for the theme this month!  I've been working hard to gather sponsors up for you guys which is why the contest was absent last month. It's good to go from here on out! Every month, I will hold a photo contest here, … [Read more...]

2hrs and a Rest Stop


On our way to Matador, Texas for my nephew's graduation, we knew we were going to have some time to spare when we were thinking we had 1 1/2 hrs left but in reality, there was only 3omin left.  So what do you do when you're in a town of about 800 or less??? Well, according to my family and my father-in-law, you sleep and walk around and sit & … [Read more...]

Almost Wordless Wednesday

yellow flower

I'm leaving to SeaWorld in Florida tomorrow to ride the Manta (lord help me) so I'll be scarce for the most part around here but I wanted to tell you about a couple of things.   Tomorrow I have a Clarisonic giveaway going up and my Crystal Light review ( with a cool recipe) where you can win another $50 on Thursday.  I hope you check them out and … [Read more...]

The Sweet Moments


Little man is at the age where he is into everything.  He doesn't mind as well, he wants to help do everything and where tantrums are inevitable.  Even through some of the more trying times, it's those sweet moments that come into play and make everything okay. and clearly I need to clean his fingernails......and cut them. … [Read more...]

Cover Kid Photo Contest for Parents Magazine

Little Cowboy

Raise your hand if you think you have the cutest kid in America. *raising hand* Well if you do and have a photo of your little one, you can enter into Parents Magazine's Cover Photo Contest. It's free and your little one could be on the November 2009 Cover issue and be entered to win $10,000. There are two categories: 3mths - 2 years and 2 … [Read more...]

The Blue Ribbon Winner and Runner-ups

Flowers and Tulips

Sorry it took me so long to write this. I've been cooking for the ranch, tending to sick kids and now tending to my sick self. There were lots of great entries and I know the judges had a hard time deciding who should win.  There were quite a few that didn't follow all the rules but we tried to cut everyone slack this first time around.  Next … [Read more...]

Sunset and Keystone Light

Keystone Light

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Developing a Photography Workflow, the Basics


Establishing a work-flow for processing your images can speed the editing up a great deal hence saving you time to do other things you love. I recommend the first thing you do is back up your photos. Don’t do it later, do it now and I recommend backing up to a DVD or to an external hard drive. The most obvious thing to do once you’ve … [Read more...]

Get Outside and Enjoy the Day


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The Cowboy Turns a Year Older


"Just another day", he says. Happy Birthday Sweetheart … [Read more...]

Some Ranch Guys


Here's a few pictures of some of the fellas here on the ranch.  I'm cooking for the ranch this week so I might be scarce. Don't forget about me! … [Read more...]