Orange Barbecue Ribs

Grillin’ and Chillin’ Orange Barbecued Ribs

Grillin' in January? That's right y'all! Not even the 34' temps can keep Texans from grillin'! While my husband has a tried and true rib recipe, he's been dying to try these orange barbecued ribs and it would be crazy to wait until Summer to have something so good, especially when we need chow food for all these football games! Working on a cattle ... Continue Reading

Chicken Pot Pie Recipe

Chicken Pot Pie, the Easy Way

Chicken Pot Pie is such a comfort food, ain't it?  It's the perfect meal for the cold days we've been having here in Texas. Just a reminder, I'm no chef y'all.  Nor am I some fancy schmancy food blogger, wanting to have my own television show.  When I make something, it's either been adapted from some old recipe I've found or just thrown ... Continue Reading

Fire Roasted Chili

Not Too Spicy, Fire Roasted Chili Recipe

OMYCOW y'all, we had snow here in West Texas today! You know what that means don't ya?  Fire Roasted CHILI! Don't let the fire roasted part scare you off. Truett ate it and he doesn't eat things that are too spicy for him.  While I prefer to sit at the table, on cold days like this, I love curling up on the sofa with a bowl full of chili and some ... Continue Reading


Chicken Mushroom Lasagna

There is a nice perk to having your mom live close by, and that's all the food she cooks and sends home with you.  Recently, she made this Chicken Mushroom Lasagna for us and while nothing like a traditional lasagna (as far as taste), it was delicious!  Our whole family loved it, especially Truett.  He loves anything with mushrooms! This recipe is ... Continue Reading

Whiskey Steak Tips for Dinner

Whiskey Steak Tips

Everyone that knows me, knows that I'm not a HUGE fan of steak. Oh I eat it but I like WELL DONE and no fat. I one of my favorite things to do, is make steak tips, seared to my idea of perfection, with nothing but flavor! Hope y'all enjoy and remember to 'Pin it'! If you hover over the picture, you'll see the red Pinterest logo. WOOHOO! ... Continue Reading


Easy, Creamy Chicken Enchiladas

Every since I started meal planning, I have been coming up with really easy, budget friendly recipes like these creamy chicken enchiladas.  I have only been cooking one big meal a day, the 5 O'Clock meal, these days, the only meal that we are all together for. And remember, it's proven that having a meal at the table with your family makes for ... Continue Reading

Southern living at home decor

Quick & Easy Ham and Cheese Calzone

Quick and easy; that seems to be our food motto these days.  With Church & school functions, work, and sports, making a ham and cheese calzone is just one of the easy recipes I've been cooking up lately.    It's a meal that to grab and go which we frequently do with basketball season in full bloom.  Concession stands have drained me this school ... Continue Reading


14 Hours Later, Slow Cooked Short Ribs Were Devoured

Slow Cooked Ribs...mmmmm, sounds heavenly huh?  Well, my guys thought so!  I watched them devour these 'fattier than I'd like ribs' that took 14 hours to cook, while I happily savored every moment of my taters. I'm making every effort to make my crockpot feel loved.  I've always used it for the basics like beans but have never really ventured ... Continue Reading

French's Crunchy Onion Chicken

French’s Crunchy Onion Chicken

With basketball season in full bloom, dinner starts to become much later in the evening, and that means finding easy meal solutions to get the family fed before it's already time to hit the hay.  We often look for recipes via the Internet, cookbooks, and our friends but don't forget about the back of products too! Have you seen the new French's ... Continue Reading