Strawberry Milk Pops

Everyone seemed to love the Blueberry Breakfast popsicles but asked about strawberries. Well here you go! Strawberry Milk Pops!  Truett LOVED these and honestly, they're so easy to make and healthy enough, that you could have them all through Summer. We keep fresh strawberries on hand ALL the time. My son Toby is a health freak and fruit is a big ... Continue Reading


Pickled Eggs Recipe

Pickled Eggs are not on my list of favorite foods but they are for my husband and son.  I love pickles and I love eggs but why anyone would want to eat a picked egg is beyond me.  With that said, I'll share the recipe that me and my man used, in which, him and Tyler devoured each and every single egg as soon as 8 days hit!  Enjoy! P.S. I'd double ... Continue Reading


Quick Fix! Valentine’s Day Popcorn Bags

You could easily make these Valentine popcorn bag treats for any occasion but I needed a quick fix for my son's Valentine's Day party.   I could make a number of things but since one of the little girls in his class is allergic to red dye, I decided to go with a general treat, placed in a themed bag.  This is super easy, fast, budget friendly, and ... Continue Reading


4 Ingredient Firecrackers, a 4th of July Snack

Summer snacks are big deal when you have kids at your house all the time, and finding ones that are friendly on the pocketbook can sometimes be a challenge. I remember the first time I had these Firecrackers-crackers with seasoning, and they were delicious! I thought they'd make the perfect snack for this 4th of July! Recipe: Firecrackers ... Continue Reading


Kid Pick! Beach Blanket Chili-Cheese Dogs

Snack attack time! School is out, it's Summer time and the kids are hungry but don't fret parents, Chili-Cheese Dogs to the rescue.   Of course you can always heat up a corn dog but a chili dog with cheese in a blanket is way better!  What I love about this recipe is that the kiddos can help you make them.  By doubling the recipe, you can be sure ... Continue Reading

cranberry oatmeal clusters 031

Healthy Cranberry Oatmeal Clusters

In my goal to be fit, not only am I working out to the Your Shape Wii Game, I'm also eating things healthier when I can.  Trying to find healthy substitutions to replace the easy accessible junk food can prove to be difficult at times.  I realized that trying to find prepackaged healthy food was the real problem. I needed to discover ways to create ... Continue Reading