My Time, as a Walmart Mom, Has Come to a Close


While being a Walmart Mom has brought me a flood of opportunities, in many ways, it has also prevented them.  Being so exclusive with Walmart meant that I couldn't work with Sears, Best Buy, Kohl's, H.E.B, etc.  Not necessarily because Walmart didn't allow it, but because it was a clear conflict of interest on both sides.  I totally understood that … [Read more...]

5 Minute Fix – Marshmallow ‘POPS’

Marshmallow Pops

Happy St. Patrick's Day y'all!  Here's a super fast St. Patrick's Day treat for you that takes just 5 minutes to put together; Marshmallow 'POPS'. Just place a large marshmallow on a stick, melt your Wilton candies, and drizzle! Be sure and also check out the Oreo truffles too. They are delicious and a simple, fun treat to … [Read more...]

‘Made By…’ Commitment Supporting American Jobs


Raise your hand if you're in favor of supporting American jobs?  Duh right?  Well if you haven't heard the buzz yet, I'm here to share with you, Walmart's commitment to invest $250 Billion dollars in products that support American jobs. A quick little bit from Walmart: We plan on doing this by increasing what we already buy and by helping … [Read more...]

Ways to Relax and Recharge


Hey y’all! I'm sharing some tips for a great start with Team Kellogg’s again and my final tip is below! The brand is regular in our home and I’m proud to be part of their family! I'm sad that this campaign is about over! I hope you've enjoyed the tips I've shared. Relax and recharge, what's that?  As a mom of three boys, wife of 21+ years, and … [Read more...]

Get Some Valentine’s Day Deals with Our $200 Gift Card Giveaway!


Post is sponsored by but as always, opinions are my own. Valentine's Day is around the corner y'all.  I'm pretty sure I've shared with you how my husband thinks it's a holiday made up by women, which would also tell you that we don't spend much on this day.  Because of that, I have learned to get my own goods and make me feel special … [Read more...]

Getting the Best Sleep I Can


Hey y’all! Remember, to help get your year off right, I’ll be sharing some tips for a great start with Team Kellogg’s! This is my second post and since the brand is regular in our home and I’m proud to be part of their family! Sleep. What is that, right?  If you're like me, you don't get enough of it.  The thing is, sleep is super duper … [Read more...]

Easy Entertaining Recipes

holiday entertaining guide cover

I love when I can take something and dress it up or make a new dessert or appetizer quickly.  Every year, Walmart puts out an Entertaining Guide to help give you ideas on how to make your Christmas holiday a breeze!  Just by looking at the first page alone, it gives such a fun and easy idea of dressing a simple chocolate cake by covering the sides … [Read more...]

Staples Gift Guide – 10 Hot Items!

Staples Gift Guide

When you think of Staples, you might only think about office supplies, but I'm here to share with you just how much more they have to offer for your gift shopping this Christmas! I've rounded up some of the hottest gift items you can buy at Staples!  Of course, I'm an office supplies hoarder and LOVE to get paper, pens, folders, organizers, … [Read more...]

Fill the Truck with Toys, for Kids in Need #FilltheTruck


Giving brings smiles to those in need, and to the ones giving.  Every year now, me and Truett have had the opportunity to donate at least $100 in toys to Fill the Truck or Toys for Tots.  Truett always has so much fun picking things out and it's teaching him what giving it all about. This year Walmart has the same programs going on at their … [Read more...]

Top Toys Chosen by Kids


How do you find out what the best toys are for kids this Christmas?  Easy, just throw a whole bunch of kids in a room with toys and watch them play!  Walmart did just that, and boy does it make it easier on us parents to pick a great toy out for Christmas giving this year! If you need some ideas, here are toys Chosen by Kids! … [Read more...]

My Savings Story with Karen

My Savings Story_Graphic_Final

My friend Karen and I rarely get to see each other. Between kids, work, & church, when we get a chance to get together, it's great to complain about whose husband has the worst habits and, of course, we love to go shopping! Last Sunday, my man was planted in front of the TV with his tater chips watching football. I called up my friend Karen for … [Read more...]

Creamy Corn with Parmesan

Creamy Corn

We usually keep our Thanksgiving menu pretty traditional, like, very basic y'all.  This year though, we thought we'd try a couple of new things, one of them being a corn recipe.  We don't really like creamed corn because of texture and sweetness but were wanting a creamier corn. It was funny when the boys saw this cooking because they just had … [Read more...]

Walmart Black Friday Shopping Ad for 2013

one hour guarantee

Black Friday is just around the corner and I am super psyched!  Like every year, I plan on shopping at Walmart for Black Friday.   I've shared tips and shopping trip photos from years past and I'll be doing it again, much of it from my facebook page. Here are some things you need to know about this year's Black Friday at Walmart: ONE HOUR … [Read more...]

The Benefits of Mobile Banking

mobile banking

Following is a guest post.  When it comes to banking, time and convenience are top priorities for busy families. Thankfully, life in the Digital Age does provide time-saving, convenient advantages. Take banking, for example. In the not-so-distant past, debit cards and ATM machines were relatively unheard of. Today, we can deposit or withdraw … [Read more...]

Walmart’s Christmas Ad Match – Buy Now, Price Match Thru December 24th

Christmas Ad Match

We have all been there....we buy something, and then see it on sale later. ARGH!  Well if you haven't heard already, Walmart will ad match thru December 24th!  Here's how it works y'all! Buy your item at Walmart. WHAT! You saw it on sale somewhere else? ARGH!  Take your receipt AND AD back to Walmart and show them the sale price. Get the … [Read more...]

Life+Gear Fire Safety Night Light and Kidde Fire Extinguisher #HDFireSafety


Well folks, I mentioned to ya last week, my partnership with The Home Depot, for Fire Safety Month.  This week, I'm sharing a couple more ways to take measures to keep your home armed with items to help in case of a fire, and shed a little light on things. Every home should have a fire extinguisher!  This is a must and depending on the size … [Read more...]

Use Walmart’s Layway to Buy Christmas Gifts (My Cool Video too)


Walmart layaway has been a big saver for me and my family in years past.  It's allowed us to make payments on things that we could never pay upfront for, like a gamecube or bicycle.  If you haven't take advantage of the layaway yet, there's still time! Not sure how easy it is? Well check out my video, it's as easy as 1,2,3.  Tell me that video is … [Read more...]

10 Sporting Good Essentials to Get Through the School Year’s Sports Season

Truett and Katie Highland Hornets

One of my favorite things to do during the school year, is to watch the kids play in all the sporting events.  And not even just my kids, but other kids as well.  Since this is a regular thing for us, I wanted to share our must-haves to survive sports during the school year.  I also had to share these two cuties; Truett and his very good friend … [Read more...]

Get Early Access to Walmart Layaway!


Walmart Layaway is back and better than ever!  And the early bird always gets the worm, or in the case, gets access to layaway before anyone else! It's really easy to do y'all.  Just head over to Walmart's facebook page and claim the early access to layaway offer.  By doing so, you'll get access to Walmart's layaway before anyone else, on … [Read more...]

Back to School: Getting a Routine Going

truett back to school graphic tees

Oh how I love the school year, for obvious reasons of course, but this year will be a bittersweet year for us.  Truett is in the first grade and Toby, a Senior.  OMYCOW! I just can't believe it.  Our Summer was short and totally not fun.  We didn't get to do much this time and it felt like it flew by.   And now, we're headed back to school and it's … [Read more...]

Truett’s Choice of Vitamin, in Disney Form

disney vitamins

We take vitamins daily and so does Truett.  No better than some kids eat, a multivitamin is very important in my opinion.  Disney is bringing vitamins in kid's favorites character form; Avengers, Phineas & Ferb, Mickey Mouse, and more. While the packaging and gummy shapes appeal to the kiddos, what's inside makes all the difference to … [Read more...]

Back to School, In Style

truett school clothes

School shopping is one of my most favorite times of year. My office gets new supplies, we all gotta eat lunch, and kids get brand new clothes! 'Cause Truett is only 6, his clothing style is pretty basic.  He doesn't need or want anything special, except good shoes, and loves to pick out all his graphic tees.   We also buy a few polo shirts, … [Read more...]

Keeping Y’all in the Loop


Hey guys, I just wanted to apologize for the lack of posts and update you as to what's going on.  I know that most of you do not follow me on other social media sites so I just wanna keep y'all in the loop too.  On Monday the 29th, 2013, my dad had heart surgery.  Unfortunately, he had complications.  Serious ones. On August 3rd, 2013, Jesus … [Read more...]

Countdown to Back to School – Supplies!


If you were to ask my husband what one of my most favorite things to do is, he would quickly say "shopping for back to school".   But it's probably not why you think.  While I love to shop for school supplies for my kids, I get ticked at scoring those prices for my own personal addiction, office supply hoarding!  Come on now, I know I'm not the … [Read more...]

10 Must-Haves for a Staycation in Your Home Town (and what to do with them)!


It's no secret that we don't really vacation.  For most of our years, we've just never had the money to do it and now, well, the kids don't even care to go anywhere that requires long distance driving.  While we try to expose Truett to more vacation type trips, we also want to encourage him to embrace his own surroundings.  Every town has something … [Read more...]’s Top Pinterest Posts, Pinned by You!

top pinterest posts

Ahh, don't we just love Pinterest?  I try not to go to the website unless I have a couple of hours to spend there.  Talk about finding some amazing recipes, crafts, tips, and more!  I LOVE that site.  Thanks to folks like you, who also love Pinterest and have taken the time to pin many of my posts, I have received some fantastic traffic from over … [Read more...]

Why Moving South Makes Financial Sense?


Please welcome another post contributed by Becky. Thanks! Your idea of retiring happy may include leaving the cold weather behind and spending your remaining years in Ft. Lauderdale. With so many active adult communities in the area, you are certain to find a new home that’s perfect for you. Of course, you may worry about available space if you … [Read more...]