Justifying Sin

Sin seems to be on my mind pretty regularly these days.   Obviously we all sin and even acknowledge our sin most times, but what's interesting, is how we all justify it.   When we justify sin, in my opinion, it's a blatant disregard for God.  We are pretty much saying, we don't need Him and that Jesus dying on that cross for our sins, was for ... Continue Reading


His Eyes Were Open But He Wasn’t Breathing

This morning brought one of the scariest moments of my life. Toby signed himself out of school because he had been throwing up from a stomach bug that had been going around.  He came home, went to bed and got right back up to puke.  He went to bed again and within a few minutes was in the bathroom puking again but this time, he ended up laying ... Continue Reading


When Everything Goes Up But a Man’s Wages

I've heard my husband say, "everything's going up but a man's wages", numerous times and while things have gone up the past 2o years, I don't think it can compare to current times. As many of you know, my husband is a cowboy and a cowboy's wages are pretty slim pickins'.  It's no big secret either, it's just the way it is.  We've had hard times ... Continue Reading


When Forgiving Feels Impossible

You ever have an encounter that brings back memories or feelings that make you down right miserable?   Most of the time, I do not because I'm great at letting it go.    Oh, I get mad, and I'll most likely let you know just how mad I am, but then I'm over it.  And while I've blocked out much of my youth, when I do remember something, I always try to ... Continue Reading

Fields of Faith in Sweetwater Texas

Fields of Faith in Sweetwater, Texas

Fields of Faith presents the opportunity for our youth to come together and spark a spiritual spark for God.  It's held at football fields across America and is absolutely amazing to see in person.   It's normally held in Abilene, Texas, and actually still was but Sweetwater decided to hold its very own first Fields of Faith at our hometown Mustang ... Continue Reading

Jeremy Camp

Jeremy Camp and Cowboy Silhouettes

We attended a Jeremy Camp concert in the super small town of Roby, Texas (population about 500).   Oh yeah, you heard me right, JEREMY CAMP, Christian superstar came to this small town to perform for our community and it was amazing!  I don't know if you have any clue the prayers and hard work that went into securing a gig like this but it's a huge ... Continue Reading

Is Being Spirtual (or religious to many) Like Being Gay?

I've noticed a decrease in comments on both my blog and facebook and I'm almost 100% sure it has to do with my spiritual talk that I share somewhat regularly.  And before you (the ones that don't comment like they used to) start feeling somewhat guilty, don't. It's okay and I understand.  And it's not just comments, it's friends (off and online), ... Continue Reading


Folders with a Purpose

If you look around my house, office area, and even my car, you'll see pieces of inspiration.  I put up a new Bible scripture on my wall every week, add names to a prayer list, and have several Cross decorations.   I found a new thing to add to both my office and to my boys school list; Dayspring products. What I love about the folders, ... Continue Reading


Discipleship Denied

'Discipleship denied' represents a time in which we are called to follow the teachings of Christ, but fail to do so.  This can be a little or big thing.  To recognize our failures, we must be self-aware.  This is sorta like confession time and sometimes, confessing our shortcomings can be really difficult. Not too long ago, I hurt someone I love ... Continue Reading

Joyce Meyer

Learning the Word in 2012

One of my spiritual struggles is not knowing the Word of God.  I've never read the Bible and to be quite honest, always felt overwhelmed at the very thought of it.  I'm also quite embarrassed to say that I don't even know any of the basic stories that many other folks know, like Noah's Arc.  I am familiar with the boat and the animals and the why ... Continue Reading