Me and Garth Brooks, on Music Row #BlameItAllOnMyRoots

selfie with Garth Brooks

I never thought anything would top my Shaq story, but bygolly, Garth Brooks did!  As one of the official Moms in the Walmart Mom Blogger program, we have the opportunity to do a lot of neat things, and hangin' with Garth Brooks was one of them.   I don't know how Garth felt, but I totally felt like I was part of the family!  SELFIE! The reason … [Read more...]

Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream Video Review

maybelline dream fresh bb cream

Walmart sent me Maybelline's Dream Fresh BB Cream to review.  If you're new to BB Cream, it stands for Beauty Balm.  The dream fresh bb cream is a 8-in-1 skin perfecter and great for every day use. To recap... I'd compare the Maybelline BB Cream to a tinted moisturizer.  It was very light, not greasy, not shiny, … [Read more...]

Simple Skincare


I love trying new lines of skincare. I am not blessed with great skin unfortunately so I do try to find new favorites to add to my collection. The Simple Skincare line is excellent for sensitive skin. You will find NO dyes, NO artificial perfumes, NO harsh irritants but will find lots of vitamins and things your skin will … [Read more...]

Spring Cleaning Preparation

cleaning caddy

Don't we all just love this time of year? Pollen, end of school year, Spring cleaning? I want to share with you how I prepare for Spring cleaning. It's one of the few things I do that actually is organized! In the video are products that I use to clean, how I carry them from room to room, and ideas for those cute utility cans that you can find … [Read more...]

{Video Tutorial} How to Make Flour Tortillas

I have a recipe for handmade flour tortillas but I'm asked on many occasions if I could make a video to show how I do it.  Sometimes seeing the procedure in action will help someone "get it" more than photos can.  Enjoy! Do you make tortillas from scratch? And if so, how often? … [Read more...]

Tyler’s 3rd Bronc Ride


Tyler and some of his friends rode a bronc last night at the Snyder, Texas rodeo. Tyler did much better than his previous two attempts but this time, his bronc rein broke. He almost made that buzzer though! I was very proud of him. I apologize for the quality of the video. The evening was just turning dark and we were kinda far away, and of … [Read more...]



Me and my boys are having a blast with our Wii.  My mom got my son Wii Sports Resort for his birthday and we a lot of fun with it. Have you played it?  We crack up at each other when doing the canoeing and the bicycles!  OMG..I'm almost laughing just thinking about it. The way our arms are moving and's hilarious.  And boy does it work … [Read more...]

Creative Artist Puts a Spin on His Work

I published this over two years ago but thought it would be fun to share again. I have such an appreciation for art and what this guy is all I can say. It takes a few minutes to watch but he's amazing and is worth those few minutes. Wish I had that kind of talent! … [Read more...]

Happy 16th Birthday

2389186840_45e09217b2_o … [Read more...]

LeapFrog Makes Donations as Part of their Summer Reading Program

And LeapFrog made me Ambassador!  I was so excited when LeapFrog asked me to be ambassador of their Summer Reading Program!  As Ambassador, I would be given the LeapFrog Tag Reading Systems to my local libraries, including some extra Tag Kits to handout to families!  (That's another post, this one's about the library;) I chose to give the Tag … [Read more...]

Card Cubby Organizer!

cardcubby LOVE this cute little Card Cubby.  It holds everything from gift cards & business cards to your license and money. I'll be using it at all the upcoming conferences and plan to even give a couple as gifts! It's 5x3 and perfect for your desktop or for you purse, which is where I'll keep mine.  You … [Read more...]

Getting Settled Just getting settled in and saying hey. Got back from football tonight. The hornets are 6 and 0 baby but so is their rival the other hornets, which also happens to be the team we are moving to and playing for now! HA! I keep filling up my compact flash memory card with pictures of the boys and their … [Read more...]


It's Saturday night and I'm lettin' loose!  Please note, I'm not dressed up, nor do have all my make up on or my hair brushed!  OH, and do I look like an idiot??? WELL HECK YEAH! Do I care?? HECK NO!! You only live once people so have a little fun! ENJOY THE VIDEO:) Oh, and if you can't view it here for some reason, you can see it here at … [Read more...]

Jessica Knows Flip

Video cameras that is!!! I won this awesome Flip Video Camera from  I wanted to say thanks with my video camera so here it is. sort of in a hurry so not much... Chief Mom Officer Walmart Pure Digital … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty #3 Back to the Grind

Well, I said I was gonna start my weight loss journal back up and I am.  I'm weighing in a 190, with a goal of 140 but I'd take 150;) I'll be using Tony Horton's 10 Minute Trainer, taking diet pills, and drinking my trusty Propel.  I think I can manage the 10 minutes for sure and depending on how well my body takes it, I can also do … [Read more...]

Feelin’ a Little Meskin

I was sitting here thinking about my father-in-law and how long it's been since I've heard him sing and play his guitar. I thought I'd share one with ya since I'm feelin' a little meskin;) That's mexican for you folks that didn't get it..LOL. This is one of my favorites that he sings along with the one I've shared in the past. Enjoy! … [Read more...]

Operation Fatty #1 First Weigh In

Sorry for the delay folks.  We were super busy yesterday and I didn't get time to do anything!   I'll be filming me stepping on the scale next time so you can all see it "live" with me! So what's my weight today?....193. I didn't really do much else this week to talk about.  The video says it all I guess.  I hope everyone is doing well in their … [Read more...]

My Shopping Experience

Sometimes shopping online can be a pain because you're constantly going around trying to compare prices and read reviews on products you're interested in and what you really want is to find that one stop shopping place where you can do all that and more.  Well ladies and gentlemen, look no further! offers you a shopping experience like no … [Read more...]