Cheap and Easy Halloween Crafts that are Kid Friendly

Before I get to the crafts, did ya’ll notice my new template?  Look familiar?  It should because it’s the same template I’m using on my top food blog!  I needed a more professional look but keeping with my logo and the header on the other template hogged up the whole front page!  Lemme know what you think!!  Honesty as always please!

Okay, for some fun decorations this Halloween season without the high cost, try these 2 simple and cheap ghost craft projects.  Great projects for the kids to help too!

Trash Bag Balloon Ghost

For this, you will need a balloon, string & a large white plastic garbage bag. I would buy those cheap dollar store ones for $2 bucks and the balloons cost about a dollar.  Look for any string around your house; maybe some fishing string, yarn, or even old shoe laces.  Blow up the balloon and place it inside the bag. Gather the bag under the bottom of the balloon and tie it off with string to make the ghost’s head.

I suggest using permanent markers to decorate a spooooooooooky face!  Use another piece of string and add to the top of the ghost to hang it up.  Cost per ghost – .50 cents

Floating Ghosts!

These are always fun and make the little ones go stare.   For this craft project, you’ll need:

  • a white helium balloon for each ghost
  • markers
  • sticky tape
  • plus two white plastic grocery bags.

Cut the handles off the bags, then cut the remainder of each bag into one inch strips, cutting from the open end to about two inches away from the bottom seam.  Get it?  It’s gonna look like a fringe skirt so to speak.

Use the clear sticky tape to fasten one cut-up bag halfway around the bottom of the balloon. Put the second cut-up bag around the other half of the balloon.

Draw on a spooky face with markers – and don’t forget to tie a string to the bottom of the balloon to keep the ghost from flying away!  I suggest fishing line for this for a more real look.  Cost per ghost – .15 cents

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  1. says

    I was just thinking about how Target will be moving all of their back-to-school stuff out of seasonal and start moving in Halloween stuff. I’m so excited for fall/autumn to come!

  2. A Cowboy's Wife says

    @forgetfulone Thanks dear….sometimes I can be clever..not very often though so run with it!

    @Trysha YES! I can’t wait for the season to arrive as well. I LOVE the change:)

  3. alemos says

    This is nice, but I preferred the other look best. I thought it was more unique. Your site looked friendlier and more inviting, not that this will stop me from coming by at least a dozen times a day. Keep doing all that you are doing, and know that you are appreciated.

  4. says

    Cute idea for the floating ghosts. You could probably insert a helium filled balloon into a white garbage bag and just tie a string to the balloon and attach to the railing on your porch. Cute! Thanks for sharing :)