Clarisonic Really Does Work!

You’ve heard how great it is but there are always doubts until you’ve tried it yourself.  OMG, I LOVE the Clarisonic Plus with Spot Therapy.  My mom actually bought this a while back and has raved about it so when I was approached about trying it out, I didn’t hesitate. Oh, they’re on Facebook too and they interact with people and I LOVE that.

I normally spend about $50 every 4-6 six weeks on a micro-peel for my face. I have terribly large pores and blackheads if I don’t use some kind of peel or scrub on my face.  I also tend to have dry blotchy skin so anything I put on my face has got to work or it wont’ stay long in my house.

I’ve been using the Clarisonic Plus for a little over a month and I’m just wowed by it! I’ve seen a HUGE difference in my skin with my pores and blackheads.  The pores are smaller, the blackheads have diminished a great deal and my face just feels smoother.  And when I put on my makeup, I can tell a big difference on how smooth it goes on in my cheek area.  I also use this on my neck and body to exfoliate and man, I can tell a big difference. Gosh I love this thing!!

The Clarisonic Plus with Spot Therapy can be used in the shower and is rechargeable.  I use mine in the shower which saves me some time and I’m not gonna lie to you, I use it with my current facial cleanser, not the one that came with it but I have tried the cleansers that come with it and they were fine.  I just wanted to be honest with you.


With the Clarisonic Plus with Spot Therapy System, you get the following:

  • The Clarisonic Unit and base with Brush Heads, including the Spot Therapy Head.
  • 1 oz. trial sizes of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser, and Nourishing Care Cleanser; 2 oz. trial size Refining Skin Polish

This is sold for $225 but guess what?  You can win it here although I do encourage you to buy it…it’s freakin’ awesome!


Leave a comment telling me what problem areas you want it to help with.

3 additional ways to enter, leaving each one in a separate comment please.

  • **Become a fan of Clarisonic on Facebook! Come back here and let me know you fanned them.
  • **Twitter this giveaway with a link back to this site and include @ACowboysWife.
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  1. 402

    Gianna says

    I get acne now when I didn’t as a teen.. I would love to be able to get rid of a few every month.

  2. 403

    Michelle H. says

    I have uneven skin tone and some blackheads on my nose.

  3. 404

    Shelly T. says

    Oh, so many problems, enlarged pores, acne, age spots, flaky skin from acne meds, discoloration…

  4. 405

    Shannon says

    I would love to have this to help with my pores

  5. 406

    Marcy Strahan says

    Part of my face are oil others are dry & even scaly on my neck. Seem when I use a product of the oilyness ~I make the wother worst.
    Now that I am in my 40′s my skin is dull & patchy!
    My elbow & feet are ruff.

  6. 407

    Marcy Strahan says

    I became a fan of Clarisonic on face Book!


  7. 408

    Chrysa says

    I need help with uneven skin tone.

  8. 409

    tori says

    I’d use the Clarisonic on my large pores in my T zone…not so cute! I’d give my right arm for anything that could make them look smaller!

  9. 410

    Melissa says

    I’ve had the opportunity to feel one of these in a facial I had a few months ago, and my face never looked so smooth! I’d use it to help exfoliate my dry skin.

  10. 411

    denice p says

    well the problem area that i have on my face is like a dark spot on the side of my left eye. i think it’s a sun spot. i noticed it about a year ago. that side is also the side i sleep on, but if it’s a dead skin problem i would use the clarisonic to try to rejuvenate the area.

  11. 412
  12. 413

    augrim says

    Enlarged pores.

  13. 414

    Rita says

    Oily skin & enlarged pores.

  14. 415

    Lily Kwan says

    I want it to help with my forehead.

  15. 416

    Lily Kwan says

    I became a fan of Clarisonic on Facebook.

  16. 417

    R Hicks says

    My problem area is the face. Will be great to do a quality defoliation on my skin with this device

  17. 418
  18. 419

    R Hicks says

    became clarisonic facebook fan

    rich hicks

  19. 420

    Jennifer Jozwiak says

    my skin is dull so i need help!

  20. 421

    Heather C says

    I’m really having issues with my forehead. I’d love it to smooth out just a bit.

  21. 422

    Donna K says

    I need help with the pores on my nose.

  22. 423

    MaryBeth I says

    I need help with enlarged pores and aging signs,

  23. 424

    heather says

    I have large pores and acne.

  24. 425

    heather says

    I’m a fan of Clarisonic on Facebook!

  25. 426

    Hillary Fairchild says

    I have an uneven skin tone. Thanks for the contest!

  26. 427

    tina reynolds says

    I have acne big pores black heads a lot on my nose and forehead my forehead being the worse

  27. 428

    Elizabeth says

    I’m old, I really need it for everything

    Elizabeths last blog post..