Clarisonic Really Does Work!

You’ve heard how great it is but there are always doubts until you’ve tried it yourself.  OMG, I LOVE the Clarisonic Plus with Spot Therapy.  My mom actually bought this a while back and has raved about it so when I was approached about trying it out, I didn’t hesitate. Oh, they’re on Facebook too and they interact with people and I LOVE that.

I normally spend about $50 every 4-6 six weeks on a micro-peel for my face. I have terribly large pores and blackheads if I don’t use some kind of peel or scrub on my face.  I also tend to have dry blotchy skin so anything I put on my face has got to work or it wont’ stay long in my house.

I’ve been using the Clarisonic Plus for a little over a month and I’m just wowed by it! I’ve seen a HUGE difference in my skin with my pores and blackheads.  The pores are smaller, the blackheads have diminished a great deal and my face just feels smoother.  And when I put on my makeup, I can tell a big difference on how smooth it goes on in my cheek area.  I also use this on my neck and body to exfoliate and man, I can tell a big difference. Gosh I love this thing!!

The Clarisonic Plus with Spot Therapy can be used in the shower and is rechargeable.  I use mine in the shower which saves me some time and I’m not gonna lie to you, I use it with my current facial cleanser, not the one that came with it but I have tried the cleansers that come with it and they were fine.  I just wanted to be honest with you.


With the Clarisonic Plus with Spot Therapy System, you get the following:

  • The Clarisonic Unit and base with Brush Heads, including the Spot Therapy Head.
  • 1 oz. trial sizes of Refreshing Gel Cleanser, Gentle Hydro Cleanser, and Nourishing Care Cleanser; 2 oz. trial size Refining Skin Polish

This is sold for $225 but guess what?  You can win it here although I do encourage you to buy it…it’s freakin’ awesome!


Leave a comment telling me what problem areas you want it to help with.

3 additional ways to enter, leaving each one in a separate comment please.

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  1. 352
  2. 353

    Valerie C. says

    My problem areas are my face (some blocked pores, oily skin) and body ( hands, feet, elbows)……basically everywhere! I’d love to have one of these. Thanks!

  3. 354

    J Chaborek says

    Blackheads, dry skin & clogged pores.

  4. 355

    Lisa Taylor says

    I have blackheads around my nose I would love to get rid of them

  5. 356

    Sarah Mitchell says

    I would love to lose those big pores on my nose with this.

  6. 357

    Sarah Mitchell says

    I am a fan of Clarisonic on Facebook.

  7. 358

    My trouble spots are right up around my temples. I also have big pores on my nose, but those aren’t as bad.

    Donna M. Clarks last blog post..Weigh In- May 05,2009

  8. 359

    Susan Ledet says

    My problem is large pores and this would help.

  9. 360

    flared0ne says

    The problem area that ~I’d~ like to use this to deal with is on my teenager’s face!! We actually had to go with Accutane to deal with inflammations and infections, so hopefully I’m not misreading this device’s cleansing capabilities…

  10. 361

    Mollie G. says

    Around the eyes and along the cheekbones can be problematic sometimes.

  11. 362

    Steffani Sloboda says

    Right in my T-zone, I have large pores and blackheads.

  12. 363

    katie says

    My eye area definitely needs some TLC.

  13. 364

    jjfiji says

    I’d love to have this to reduce redness, clear up blackheads and help exfoliate my face. Thanks!

  14. 365

    Tammy Greer says

    The blackheads on my nose need help and I would also like to use this for the neck area.

  15. 366

    getpalmd says

    Some small scars in face :-)

  16. 367

    Jennifer gersch says

    I want help with my uneven skin tone

  17. 368

    Michelle says

    I would like to use it to help shrink my pores.

  18. 369
  19. 370

    Michelle says

    Fan of Clarisonic on Facebook.

  20. 371

    Ann says

    I’d like to use it to minimize pore size on my face.

  21. 372
  22. 373

    jjean says

    I need help with blackheads, pore size and just getting all the make-up off so my products will work better. Thank you so much for the chance!

  23. 374

    Lori M says

    I have dry patches on my bridge of nose and on either side of my nose. This would be great to have to have softer, smoother skin all over. Thanks for the fantastic giveaway :-}

  24. 375

    amy says

    I have large pores and dry patches…I would love to have a smoother more polished look. This sounds wonderful but is out of my price range to purchase. Thanks for the chance!

  25. 376
  26. 377

    I have suffered with large pores my entire life.

    Deci Worlands last blog post..Rhododendrons for Minnesota

  27. 378

    Angela says

    I’ve always had a problem with blackheads and have been wanting to try this for a while!

  28. 379

    Becky Grady says

    I would use this for the large pores on my nose. I would also use it to exfoliate my elbows, knees, etc. Thanks!

  29. 380

    Denise says

    I have some occasional acne that this would help resolve.

  30. 381

    Melissa P. says

    I’d love to use this to clear up my chin and nose.

  31. 382
  32. 383

    Oh, I would so use this on my facial pores, yeck!

  33. 384

    rachel says

    blackheads, dry patchy skin and breakouts!

  34. 385

    Jay F says

    Would love to try this on my nose and cheeks.

  35. 386

    Valerie C. says

    I went to FaceBook last night and became a fan of Clarisonic….then my computer had problems. I hope this posts. Thanks! Valerie C.

  36. 387

    Melissa Barnes says

    my main problem areas are the fine lines that are starting to appear

  37. 388

    Melissa Barnes says

    became a fan of clarisonic on facebook as Melissa Barnes

  38. 389

    Abby says

    I need help with blackheads on my nose.

  39. 390

    Abby says

    I became a fan on facebook.

  40. 391

    Abby says

    I tweeted!

  41. 392
  42. 393

    Heather E says

    I also have large pores, especially in the area around my nose.

  43. 394

    JoAnn Legano says

    The large pores and black heads around my nose. I’ve read really good reviews on the Clarisonic system.

  44. 395

    Randy Bailey says

    I would use it on my problem acne & blackheads I have had since I have always had this problem. Nothing has worked that I have ever tried, maybe this product would

  45. 396

    Mat S. says

    I’d like help clearing up blackheads and exfoliating my face. Thanks.

  46. 397

    Nancy S. says

    I would use it on my enlarged pores as well as the dry patches on my cheeks and chin.

  47. 398

    Helen says

    I have to wear a lot of sunblock and my skin gets a lot of blackheads as a result so this would be helpful to eliminate that problem.

  48. 399

    Sounds awesome, this would be great for my large pores!

    Frugal Fritzies last blog post..Wii and iPod Giveaway from ChristianPf

  49. 400

    Became a FB Fan of Clarisonic :)

    Frugal Fritzies last blog post..Wii and iPod Giveaway from ChristianPf

  50. 401