(Cook) – Chicken Florentine and Farfalle (Tell) – Anolon Advanced Bronze 5.25qt Sauteuse

I am just tickled to death to be one of the featured bloggers in Anolon’s Cook & Tell campaign.  Anolon has beautiful pieces of cookware with styles to suit everyone.  Seriously, they are gorgeous pieces.  Today, I’m sharing my review of the Anolon Advanced Bronze 5.25qt (11″) Sauteuse from the Advanced Bronze collection, and cooking up some Chicken Florentine and Farfalle for y’all!

Let’s just git to it, reckon?  About the pan -

The very first thing I noticed about the pan was it’s beauty and size.   The bronze collection is so, so pretty! I picked it because I felt it went with the rest of our rustic decor in our home, and I was right.   The 5.25qt and 11″ size of this pan is absolutely perfect.  It’s not so huge that you end up cooking too much, but instead, will feed a family 5 with a nice serving size for everybody.   It’s deep so that you’re spilling food out and it has a slightly domed, clear lid so you can see how things are cooking up.  I believe it’s break resistant as well.  Each handle has the silicone grips.  This makes it easy to hold so it doesn’t slip and so it doesn’t get too hot for you hands.  I won’t buy a pan without it.   What I noticed when cooking, was how evenly things cooked up.  I have had pans where, no matter where it’s at in the pan, only half will be done and you’re constantly flipping and using strategy as to how to turn and place it so that the rest gets done.  Not the case with this.  I didn’t move it all over the burner and I didn’t constantly flip and turn things. It just cooked right.

I’ve had the opportunity to try other pieces of this collection (which I’ll share later) but it gets 5 stars and two thumbs up from me and my husband.   You can’t go wrong with it. It’s high quality, durable, cooks well, and is just stunning to look at.  It will make you feel like a gourmet cook. for reals y’all.

Okie dokie, how ’bout we move on to the recipe?! This recipe is the ‘from scratch’ version of the Bertolli frozen meals.  We like to use their sauces for home cooked meals and save their frozen meals for days we’re on the run!


Disclosure: Anolon provided cookware for review and giveaway. All opinions are my own, always.


  1. 101

    Daraya says

    Alfredo pasta with chicken and broccoli! :)

  2. 102

    This pan would be great for homemade chicken & veggie soup.

  3. 103

    Christine burd says

    I would cook mac and cheese

  4. 104

    Alex says

    I would cook lots of vegan stir fry! I also really need a large soup pot, so I would get one of those from Anolon.

  5. 105

    Sunnie says

    I would make spagetti sauce

  6. 106

    Schmidty says

    A big ole pot of baked potato soup with cream, butter, cheese, and bacon!

  7. 107

    D Schmidt says

    I would love to make a chicken tikka masala in this pan

  8. 108

    D Schmidt says

    Visited the sponsors site and really like 8 Quart Covered Stockpot Ultra Clad

  9. 109

    I would make candy. A big ol batch of fudge!

  10. 110

    kimbly says

    This would be the perfect pan to make jambalaya pasta

  11. 111

    kimbly says

    I love the Analon Nouvelle Copper 11 piece set – it’s gorgeous!

  12. 112

    Sunnie says

    Id make pancakes

  13. 113

    Shari says

    I’d love to try making lasagna in a slow cookier.

  14. 114

    Becky Gifford says

    Hi! I’m back. Today I have a hankering to use that pretty pan to cook up a ratatouille. mmmm. The smells of garlic mixing with all those veggies. And later saute up a little sausage and bacon to add in. now I am hungry.

  15. 115

    Karen D says

    I would use it to saute a mirepoix for soup before transferring to the crock pot

  16. 116

    Jean Bearrick says

    Chicken and noodles!

  17. 117

    Kelly H. says

    I would probably cook some kind of soup in it first.

  18. 118

    Mary Zelli says

    I’d cook up a small batch of chili. It would be wonderful on a cold winter’s night…….

  19. 119

    Mary Zelli says

    I like the Anolon Advanced set of pans. That would be sweet to have.

  20. 120

    There are so many things that could be cooked in this pan, like okra gumbo for example.

  21. 121

    S.K. says

    I’d make chicken and dumplings.

  22. 122

    S.K. says

    I love the Advanced Bronze and Nouvelle Copper sets.

  23. 123
  24. 124

    Michelle Hudak says

    This would be perfect for homemade chili

  25. 125

    Michelle Hudak says

    I like the Chef Clad 10 Piece Set

  26. 126

    Schmidty says

    A pork roast with veggies.

  27. 127

    S.K. says

    I’d make Sausage and Rosemary Risotto.

  28. 128

    Rochelle says

    I would cook marinara spaghetti in this pan. Thanks!

  29. 129

    Rochelle says

    I love the Chef Clad 10-Piece Set with Bonus. Amazing set. Thanks!


  30. 130

    Shari says

    I’d like to try doing a pork butt in the slow cooker.

  31. 131

    I would love to win this pan. I would cook your Chicken Florentine and Farfalle in it.

  32. 132

    Some good vegetable soup would be great to make in that beautiful pan!

  33. 133

    Amy L says

    I’d cook spaghetti alla carbonara. I like Tyler Florence’s recipe on the Food Network site.

  34. 134

    Michelle Hudak says

    12/7: I’d cook chicken paprikash

  35. 135

    Schmidty says


  36. 136

    Susan P. says

    I’d cook sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms – Italian style.

  37. 137

    Noreen says

    What my kids call New Orleans mix: spicy sausage, beans, a veggie, rice, broth and spices

  38. 138

    Sunnie says

    Id make omelets!

  39. 139

    Shari says

    I’d like to do a turkey breast in a slow cooker for a special occasion.

  40. 140

    Deborah Wallin says

    I would make spaghetti

  41. 141

    I have a recipe for stove top chicken enchiladas that would work great in this pan!

  42. 142

    Kristy Thiel says

    Yum! I’d make skillet spaghetti in this! Thanks for hosting!

  43. 143

    Kathy D says

    I would make my grandmother’s spaghetti sauce recipe

  44. 144

    Kathy D says

    The Chef Clad set is awesome!

  45. 145

    Mary Beth Elderton says

    I’d make “the pasta thing” Pasta, olive oil, garlic, onion, tons of veggies, bit of red pepper, and Parmesan.

  46. 146

    Mary Beth Elderton says

    I’d love to own the Nouvelle Copper 11-Piece!

  47. 147

    Schmidty says

    chicken and dumplings

  48. 148

    Kim W says

    I would make homemade beef stew

  49. 149

    caitlin tate says

    I would cook chicken

  50. 150

    caitlin tate says

    I like the nonstick ones