(Cook) – Chicken Florentine and Farfalle (Tell) – Anolon Advanced Bronze 5.25qt Sauteuse

I am just tickled to death to be one of the featured bloggers in Anolon’s Cook & Tell campaign.  Anolon has beautiful pieces of cookware with styles to suit everyone.  Seriously, they are gorgeous pieces.  Today, I’m sharing my review of the Anolon Advanced Bronze 5.25qt (11″) Sauteuse from the Advanced Bronze collection, and cooking up some Chicken Florentine and Farfalle for y’all!

Let’s just git to it, reckon?  About the pan -

The very first thing I noticed about the pan was it’s beauty and size.   The bronze collection is so, so pretty! I picked it because I felt it went with the rest of our rustic decor in our home, and I was right.   The 5.25qt and 11″ size of this pan is absolutely perfect.  It’s not so huge that you end up cooking too much, but instead, will feed a family 5 with a nice serving size for everybody.   It’s deep so that you’re spilling food out and it has a slightly domed, clear lid so you can see how things are cooking up.  I believe it’s break resistant as well.  Each handle has the silicone grips.  This makes it easy to hold so it doesn’t slip and so it doesn’t get too hot for you hands.  I won’t buy a pan without it.   What I noticed when cooking, was how evenly things cooked up.  I have had pans where, no matter where it’s at in the pan, only half will be done and you’re constantly flipping and using strategy as to how to turn and place it so that the rest gets done.  Not the case with this.  I didn’t move it all over the burner and I didn’t constantly flip and turn things. It just cooked right.

I’ve had the opportunity to try other pieces of this collection (which I’ll share later) but it gets 5 stars and two thumbs up from me and my husband.   You can’t go wrong with it. It’s high quality, durable, cooks well, and is just stunning to look at.  It will make you feel like a gourmet cook. for reals y’all.

Okie dokie, how ’bout we move on to the recipe?! This recipe is the ‘from scratch’ version of the Bertolli frozen meals.  We like to use their sauces for home cooked meals and save their frozen meals for days we’re on the run!


Disclosure: Anolon provided cookware for review and giveaway. All opinions are my own, always.


  1. 151

    Mandy says

    It looks just deep enough for me to attempt my taco soup!

  2. 152

    Mary Wright says

    I would make Curried chicken in coconut milk and serve it over Jasmine rice.

  3. 153

    Rita Meadows says

    My Mom’s recipe for fried dough.

  4. 154

    Rita Meadows says

    I like the Advanced Bronze collection

  5. 155

    Sheila Peoples says

    I like to try new recipes, but this would be perfect for tilapia. It makes me want to cook.

  6. 156

    Michelle Hudak says

    City Chicken

  7. 157

    ELIZABETH C. says

    I would make my delicious chili or chicken soup.

  8. 158

    ELIZABETH C. says

    I love the 4.5 quart stockpot. I would Definately choose that.

  9. 159

    tracy davis says

    I would make omlettes

  10. 160

    Breanne says

    I’d make chicken and noodles

  11. 161

    Christine says

    chicken cutlets

  12. 162

    Rochelle says

    I would cook hash browns.

  13. 163

    Deborah Wallin says

    I would make vegetable soup

  14. 164

    Deborah Wallin says

    I like the Anolon Nouvelle Copper

  15. 165

    Karen D says

    I’d love to make pasta sauce!

  16. 166

    Schmidty says

    Pork curry

  17. 167

    Mary Beth Elderton says

    I’d cook lasagna sauce.

  18. 168

    Megan M says

    I would cook general chicken! Thanks so much!

  19. 169

    Sarah S says

    I would cook coconut curry.

  20. 170

    Sarah S says

    I like the
    Advanced Bronze
    11-Piece Set with Bonus

  21. 171

    John Hutchens says

    I would make a fritta

  22. 172

    What sounds good to cook in the pan today is your recipe for Chicken Florentine and Farfalle. That sounds so good right now!

  23. 173


    I’d cook spaghetti sauce in this pot.

  24. 174


    I fancy the Bronze Collection…oooh la la.

  25. 175

    Mary Wright says

    I would cook Italian Meatball Soup. This pan is perfect for that dish especially since I cook for a crowd.

  26. 176

    Michelle Hudak says

    Beef tips in gravy

  27. 177

    gina says

    I would make chicken & shrimp mozambique.

  28. 178

    gina says

    Anolon Chef Clad is excellent

  29. 179

    anne says

    This would be perfect for Chicken in Merlot Sauce! Thanks for the chance.

  30. 180

    anne says

    Beautiful pans! I love the ultraclad series– looks functional and pretty.

  31. 181

    Kari Flores says

    I would cook General Tso’s chicken.

  32. 182

    Kari Flores says

    I like the Anolon Ultra Clad Collection.

  33. 183

    Kim Parrott says

    The sauteuse would be perfect for some smothered chicken!

  34. 184

    Ellen C. says

    I’d like to make some pasta primivera. Thanks for the chance.

  35. 185

    Susan P. says

    I would make homemade spaghetti sauce with ground beef and lots of veggies.

  36. 186

    Brittney House says

    Cream of chicken soup

  37. 187

    Brittney House says

    4.5 quart stockpot.

  38. 188

    tracy davis says

    I would make chicken noodle soup

  39. 189

    Alison Wood says

    I’d love to use this for my mom’s Chicken Rice Soup recipe. Yum! Right now I don’t have a pot big enough for any homemade soups.

  40. 190

    Alison Wood says

    I really like their Chef Clad pans set. I’d love to cook with those!

  41. 191

    Christine says

    salmon with veggies

  42. 192

    Deborah Wallin says

    I would make a pot of chili.

  43. 193

    EMMA L HORTON says


  44. 194

    EMMA L HORTON says

    I WOULD LIKE THE Nouvelle Copper Stainless Steel

    10-Piece Set with Bonus

  45. 195

    Gabe A. says

    I would make my homemade spaghetti sauce which is simply phenomenal and full of flavor!

  46. 196

    Stephanie says

    I’m think meatballs in red sauce for my large bunch

  47. 197

    Charlotte Padgett says

    I’d start with my homemade potato soup.

  48. 198

    Jen says

    I would make beef stroganoff in this pan!

  49. 199

    Rochelle says

    I would make chicken noodle soup.

  50. 200

    Mary Beth Elderton says

    I’ll be making a mac and cheese with bacon and veggies tonight–I’d love to be using this pan!