Cover Kid Photo Contest for Parents Magazine

Raise your hand if you think you have the cutest kid in America. *raising hand* Well if you do and have a photo of your little one, you can enter into Parents Magazine’s Cover Photo Contest. It’s free and your little one could be on the November 2009 Cover issue and be entered to win $10,000.

There are two categories: 3mths – 2 years and 2 years to 6 years. Clearly little man would be in the 2-6yr category and I have every intention on entering his photo and I hope you do the same. You never know right??

I’ve browsed a bunch of the photos and there are some cute kids now!  I would hate to be the judges!  I haven’t decided which photo to submit yet but here’s one I took this weekend.  Little man was filthy, his  hat got all wet and lost it’s crease and this photo reflects a moment of sweetness before his attempt at a tantrum.

Let me know if you enter guys!  And good luck to those of you do give it a go!

Little Cowboy

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  1. Dezi says

    Very cute picture! I think I may have to try and find one of my youngest to enter. Thanks for letting us know.