Cowboy Decor with a Story

We decorate our house with junk mostly but several pieces are real cowboy gear that has been retired.  When I say junk, I mean old things like whiskey jugs and gas cans and pieces of branded barn wood.  We have this shelf over the fireplace and it’s pretty much the focal point of the house so we chose to put my man’s spurs there, right next to that really cool book that he happens to be in–El Vaquero.  The spurs are ones that he’s built but mostly trophy spurs won at ranch rodeos.  Beside the spurs are some cool cowboy cuffs that can really help prevent thorns from poking through your skin as your riding through heavy brush, chasing that wild cow.  These cuffs came from the Long X Ranch, a pretty historical ranch and one that our friend runs over towards the Ft. Davis Mountains.  Throw in a real bronze made by another friend of ours, and you’ve got a houseful of decor with some good stories behind them.  I’d tell them to ya but I just can’t tell them like the guys can…….

Do you have pieces like that?  Pieces of decor that tell a story?  I’m sure we all have something and I would love to hear a story about one of your decor pieces.

Ranch Rodeo Cowboy Spurs

cowboy bronze

Cowboy Leather Cuffs

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