Creating Stickers from Labels

Sometimes ideas like this just fly over my head but I was thinking, why not use labels for stickers???  I could totally created some cute stickers with my logo and such and give them out next year at Blogher!  How cute would that be???  Of course, it would be more cool if I could come up with a snazzy little tag line to put on there too.

You can buy those Primera labels to go with your printer.  They have a variety of sizes that are compatible with various types of printers.  I would love to do this and have already got it in my mind to do so for next year at Blogher or perhaps even through out the year!

What do you think?  Wouldn’t it be fun to make some stickers for your site or for your kid’s classroom??  FUN!

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  1. says

    You would be surprised how cheap stickers printed by a professional printer can be. if you stick ith spot colors and use standard sizes and inks you can get 1000s of stickers for less than $125 printed the Blogher stickers this year, standard inks and standard colors