Curiosity Could Have Killed the Cat

This video was sent to me this morning and I found it both amusing and disturbing at the same time.  Yes, what the husband did was super funny and was well deserved.  She should not have been playing with that gun like that ESPECIALLY considering she obviously didn’t know anything about them.  You can tell that right away.

I hope you don’t have kiddos lady (referring to the woman in the video) ’cause you just set the perfect example of what NOT to do.

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    She looks like she’s playing cops and robbers. She’s a grown woman making the fake “bang bang” sound effects when she’s holding the gun, so I kind of glad to see she got the shit scared out of her. :-)

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    Why did I have to see this while Peanut is sleeping in her room right next door? I was laughing so much and trying not that I er needed to leave the room and then come back to post my comment.

    She deserved the ‘venge for sure.

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    Agree with you that this was both funny AND disturbing. What kind of person scares a wife like that? and what kind of wife plays with a gun this way? I was almost glad she got scared because maybe it will keep her away from guns later but it was so meanly done!

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