Cute Cowboy Stuff I Want

So I’ve been browsing the etsy shops lately and found all sorts of goodies but today I’m gonna talk about cowboy stuff!  There were some really cute things that made me wish I was crafting again…hmmmm, should I quit blogging and start crafting back up???  YOU tell me.

Remember that Doodlebugz Crayon Keeper I talked about the other day??  Well check this out…same sort of thing but a cowboy style crayon keeper!!! Too cute.

I’ve made cowboy wrapping paper several times and usually make the tags as well but having these cute cowboy tags sure could have cut some of my time down a bit.  Very cute and simple.

And even cowgirls got aprons!  Love the cowgirl stuff too:)  Aprons are big T-shirt saver..I’m really bad about letting grease splatter on me, etc.

Something around the neck is always nice too for when we go out..not that we go out, cause we don’t…but just in case right?  How about a necklace with all sorts of stones and rowel to boot!

So do you got a favorite esty store you shop at???  Would love to know!

P.S.  Got a video coming up about my weight loss journey..what I’ll be using to lose weight and taking.  I know what I’m going to take but I am curious if any of you have ever heard of Anoretix?

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