Dandy’s Western Wear One Man Rodeo Show

I’ve always gotten the cutest little comments about my boys when they were growing up. I guess there’s just something about seeing a little fella in Wranglers, boots, and a cowboy hat. Anyways, we headed out to the Dandy’s to buy Toby some Cinch Jeans that are SUPER cheap ($20 in fact because he buys them in s HUGE bulk), when the cowpoke spotted the stick horses.  I knew it was on then….

You cannot get that boy around any kind of horse, bull, cow, anything or else he puts on a show!  Within just a few minutes, the bronc ridin’ cowpoke was yeehawin’ around the store like he was competing for a truckload of toys or something!

I wish I had a video camera at the time, but since I switched purses, I didn’t. It was the cutest thing ever, facial expressions and all.  A couple walked in during his performance and said, “Wow, I didn’t know we’d get to see a rodeo!”

Temp 570

Temp 569

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