Dave Ramsey {Giveaway}

This is the start of quite a few giveaways so if it’s not your thang, just scroll on by!  If it is, this is a great one!  We’ve applied many of his teachings and working our way through debt!

If you haven’t already heard, my giveaways have been refreshed, meaning, there will only be one comment entry to enter each giveaway.  No more, no less, giving everyone a fair shot.  While I’d love for you to share my giveaways through social networks like twitter and facebook, it will no longer be an optional entry method.


  • Dave’s all-inclusive Money Resource Book with worksheets.
  • 13 Audio Lessons covering everything from getting out of debt, buying a home, saving for college, and more.
  • Dave’s Starter Envelope System

This is a $65 value and a great way to get your finances in order!


Leave a comment on this post telling me your most difficult financial struggle is.

Only one comment per person, per email, per giveaway.  Winner will be notified by email and will have the option to share a photograph of themselves with their prize for our Winner Wall.  This giveaway ends on September 18th, at about 10pm CST.  Good luck!


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  1. 52

    Betty C says

    I’m having struggles to establish an emergency fund. It seems like every week there is another repair that has to be made and it has to come out of the paycheck.

  2. 53

    Amy Carlson says

    Saving for retirement.

  3. 54

    Sheree Algie says

    My biggest struggles are making sure we will have enough money in retirement.

  4. 55

    christal c says

    Our biggest financial struggle is coming together to save

  5. 56

    Marie says

    My biggest struggle is actually getting the money to have a savings and make all bill payments.

  6. 57

    Ed Nemmers says

    The price of scallops.

  7. 58

    TIA BEVERLY says

    getting out of debt and saving

  8. 59

    Lori Hart says

    Saving for retirement

  9. 60

    Robert Pyszk says

    My most difficult financial struggle is wondering where the next meal will come from

  10. 61

    Melissa VandenBerg says

    Our biggest financial struggle is getting on a budget and sticking to it. It seems easy in theory but so hard for us!!

    bergiejrfhe at yahoo dot com

  11. 62

    Danielle Ferguson says

    Our biggest financial struggle is just making it day to day. We are a one income household, our bills are racking up, credit card debt is ridiculous and we have a car sitting in the driveway that does not work – it has been sitting their for 6+ months and we are still making car payments and insurance payments. :(

  12. 63

    Patty P. says

    Our biggest financial struggle is having any kind of savings for emergencies and getting out of credit card debt.

  13. 64

    Re Morgan says

    Trying to have a savings when you have to live off it.

  14. 65

    Jennifer J says

    Paying off student loans. Thanks!

  15. 66

    Veronica Garrett says

    My most difficult financial struggle is meeting daily expenses.

  16. 67

    kristi says

    I always spend past my budget!!!!!

  17. 68

    Sand says

    Clearing my debt is my biggest financial struggle.

  18. 69

    Tammy Jorenby says

    It is all astruggle.

  19. 70

    Manda M says

    Our most difficult struggle is getting rid of credit card debt and having a savings.

  20. 71

    Ambre W. says

    Paying off credit cards!

  21. 72

    Angela says

    Paying off my student loans

  22. 73

    Donna K says

    Mine is wanting a career change and not knowing what to do. Also I struggle to save more money.