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One of the things I struggle with during my Operation Fatty, is having food that is more healthy than what I eat now.  It’s a pain to cook separate dinners for me and my family so I’m on the prowl for diet food delivery style!  Living way out here in the middle of nowhere means I can’t just run to town to pick up some healthy dinners or grab some fruits and vegetables.  Often times I run out of the “good stuff” and have to make do until I can get to town.dietfooddeliveryimage

This is where a delivery service would be helpful.  Some places that deliver diet food include Medifast, Nutristystem, and even the Zone.  Now trying to decide if any of these systems fit my needs is a different story.

I’ve tried Nutrisystem and to be honest, the food is not so great in my opinion. Maybe I didn’t get enough variety in there?  I’ve done Medifast and must say, this worked but the portions are very small.  The flavor is much better though and the shakes are filling.  I have had some zone bars before and found them to be very filling.  I haven’t tried anything else from them. Have you?

I think that if I had prepared meals, I would do much better on my weight loss journey. It’s real hard to cook for the cowboys and control myself from eating that food I cook for them.  If I have prepared meals, I can simply grab one to eat while they are eating theirs.

So, what I want to know is if you have had diet food delivered to you?  What program? How was the taste? Etc…….

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  1. says

    I have never done the diet food delivery thing, as it has always been way beyond our budget. I have however dieted using grocery store bought frozen diet dinners like Lean Cuisine, etc. I read an article in some magazine about how to set up your own “Nutri System like” diet by using foods bought at the grocery store. It worked pretty well for me.

    I cannot wait to see what food delivery option you end up choosing.

  2. Angie says

    I have tried all of them it seems; Jenny Craig at home (yes they deliver), Medifast, and Nutrisystem. You are right that NS food gets old really fast LOL The Medifast, I was starving to danged death, and besides you don’t learn healthy eating that way. The JC at home was great, I much prefer their food over Nutrisystem even though NS is the cheapest option. I did find the mandatory JC telephone counseling phone calls to be a royal pain and the counselor annoying at best. If you email me privately I’ll send you a link to ‘doing Nutrisystem on your own” that is working for me right now. It’s a book (free) in .pdf format, as well as some sites where someone compared on the shelf foods with NS entrees. My husband has lost 24 lbs. since March 7th doing this, I’ve lost 12. Dang him.. ha. Angie

  3. says

    I have never done a delivery service, but I hope you find one that works well and tastes good. I think that is the key to eating healthy is eating foods that are tasty.

  4. Ella says

    Angie, I would really appreciate the link as well. I have been wanting to try NS but it is outside of my budget as well.

    Thanks EG

  5. Sally Hansen says

    I have done them all and, hands down, Seattle Sutton is the best meal delivery diet program.

  6. says

    I dont know about “diet” foods, since I’ve never been on a diet, but I generally eat healthy foods. Its just what I like to eat.

    Here’s what I do (’cause I’m still lazy, afterall!): Keep salad in your fridge at all times as a side dish for all meals.

    Cook up a big pot of brown rice–takes about 20-30 minutes. Spread on cookie sheets and freeze. Scrape the rice off the sheets into freezer bags. Repeat process using various types of cooked dry beans (i.e beans that come in a bag, as opposed to canned), chopped up chicken breasts or marinated tofu. Maybe get a bag of cooked cocktail shrimp if you’re into that, too. Y’know, proteins.

    By the way, Dried beans can cooked quicker than your grandma probably did it by doing this: bring to a rolling boil, let boil for 1 minute, then turn off, remove from heat and cover for an hour. Drain, refill with water, add a couple of vegatable bullion cubes, salt, onion powder and garlic powder and simmer till beans are easy to smoosh a little (about 45 min to an hour). To heck with the old fashioned overnight pre-cooking soak.

    Store everything in the freezer. Buy bags of inexpensive frozen vegetables, including onions and bell peppers.

    Get a bunch of your favorite bottled sauces (like soy sauce, jerk sauce or that Indian paste that comes in a jar). Store them in the fridge Keep various spices on hand, such as garlic powder, onion powder, pepper, Italian seasoning, taco seasoning packets, “curry” powder et al.

    So…When you’re hungry, throw a combo of the frozen rice, your frozen protein of choice, and frozen veg into a microwaveable bowl (or in a pot on the stove) with seasonings,a bit of water, and cook. I recommend a pyrex bowl if you’re going to microwave; a plastic bowl would make your food kinda gross.

    When the food’s done cooking, drain and add your sauce. Mix and eat.

    You might think you don’t have time in a busy day for the initial cooking of the beans or rice, but really, think about it: they can be put on to cook while you’re watching tv or doing laundry or something. Just use a timer so you don’t forget they’re on.

  7. says

    I don’t know what happened with my address at the top of my last post. Guess I thought that space was for a title for the post. I dont have a twitter account! :-)

  8. Brenda says

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