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I am very much a tech nerd so I love learning about new programs that make my life easier.   You can turn your dvd/blu-ray movie discs into digital by simply taking them to Walmart and having a Vudu account.  I love this because as long as I have Internet, I’ll be able to watch my favorite movies from anywhere.

In the video, there are 3 Walmart associates. I was the first person who had gone in to try the disc to digital so it was a learning curve for all of us.  While I cut the video down to less than 2 minutes, it only took 7 minutes for the entire process and that’s with them not being 100% sure on how to do it. I think they did awesome!

Find the dvd/blu-ray movies you have in your house. Sign up for a VUDU account ahead of time. This will simplify the process.  Search your movies and add to your list.  Not all your movies will be available but many are.  They will be adding more movie studios that will allow this so be patient.  What I love is that if you own a DVD but want it in HD, you can simply upgrade for the $5 vs the $2.  Once your list is created, print it and take it to Walmart to be digitized.  It’s very easy, cost efficient, and fast.

That’s it! They are in your account and ready to watch.  Have you tried it yet? What movies can you absolutely not live without?


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    Lauralee Hensley says

    I just saw a TV advertisment about this tonight. Hubby will probably want to do this. I don’t watch as much as he does, but there are a few movies I enjoy watching again and again, well spaced at least three or more months apart. I’m not like a kid that can watch the same movie every other day.