Disney Infinity Is Really Awesome!

Disney Infinity is like two games in one; Skylanders and Minecraft, but with fun Disney characters.  And in my opinion, it’s way cooler than either of those other two games!


There are two parts to the game; the main game and Toy Box mode. The Disney Infinity starter pack, which sells for $74.99, includes three Disney figures; Captain Jack Sparrow, Sulley and Mr. Incredible.  Each character brings a whole new world.  These figures sit on the Infinity pad and interact with the game. The game is available for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii and Wii U. Me and Truett tested it out on Xbox 360.

disney infiniti

Main Game Mode – Only toys from the same play set can work together. In other words, your Jack Sparrow can’t play in the same world as Sulley or Dash. If you want to have a multiplayer game within the regular game mode, you’ll first need to buy another figure from one of those sets to use with the game.  In Toy Box mode, all characters can interact together.   Each set has its own set of campaigns that you travel through. Your goal is try and unlock content so that you can use the Toy Box.

disney infiniti characters

The Pirates of the Caribbean battleship was pretty darn cool!!!!  And if you’ve ever played  Assassins Creed III, you’ll see a hint of similarity.   The Monster’s University campaign was like the movie and lots of fun.  The Incredibles campaign more  action-based and Truett just loves Dash!  Since you can’t play two-player in the campaign mode out of the box, I’d recommend you buy an extra figure or two because mulit-player is tons of fun.

The whole point of Toy Box mode is that you can dump all your toys onto the floor and play with them as you see fit. That means that Mr. Incredible and Sulley can team up, and that characters from Wreck It Ralph and Alice in Wonderland can all live in the same world. There are about 1,200 toys that can be unlocked from different play sets, leveling up characters with power discs or from taking spins on a wheel to unlock items.   These can also be combined with building blocks to create anything. This is why I say it’s like Minecraft but Disney Infiniti is MUCH MUCH more intuitive.   What I love about Toy Box Mode is creating games in the world by using different  objects. You can link up to 50 items together to create a different set of events. For instance, I can create a race track and a logic action so that when a car crosses the finish line,  fireworks  can go off.  This is pretty awesome because  you’re creating logic.  What those little minds could do with something so simple to create but in a complex manner.

The figurines are of very high quality. We got to see mockups during our shareholders trip so it was neat to see that, and then the final product.  They are very details and I can see them becoming a favorite among collectors.

My only problem is with the power discs. The packs are less than $5 at Walmart and come with two different discs that add to the game world, but what i don’t like is you don’t know what you’re gonna get.  For instance, one pack that I bought had two wreck-it-ralph discs.  It reminded me of pokemon cards and getting the same ones over and over again.   With it all being so new, you’d expect to get different ones within each pack. But you can stack two of the same kind for extra power plays.  And it may add some fun outside the game by kids trading duplicate discs off.

Overall, this game is super duper awesome for all ages. Truett loves at almost 7 years of age, I love it at 37, and my 17yr old said it’s pretty dang cool.   Thumbs up and then some from the Falcon gaming bunch!

Oh, and be sure to check often for new preorders. We can’t wait to get Woody!!! We already preordered him from Walmart.  YEEHAWWWW!


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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  1. Bridget =) says

    my son just got Disney Infinity for his 8th bday – my husband is a huge Disney fan and my kids love it too – it is a great system! I agree about the power discs… but I guess that is a way to keep us buying!!!!

  2. Sunnie says

    This looks really cool! We love all these characters especially PIrates of the Caribbean! We also love to play video games, Im pretty loyal to Nintendo though, I really want a WII U. Right now we just have DSI.s. But this does look really cool!