DIY Bird Bath

I don’t know if you’ve looked lately but bird bath fixtures are quite pricey.  And most them are kinda ugly to me.  I originally wanted to paint my own design on plain clay pots but couldn’t find exactly what I needed, so, I went with another idea!  At full price, this DIY Bird Bath can be made for less than $25.  With my lucky find of clearance pots, I made it for less than $15 and it’s much more fun & festive than others you can buy in the store.

DIY Bird Bath

I actually love this idea because you can be so creative. Since these were on clearance at Walmart, I only had so many color choices.  Had their been enough white pots, I would have bought all white and painted on them.  This color palette would have been perfect for 4th of July decor!  I still love the colors and we have other things to put in our yard that will match it.

If you are using plain clay pots, I recommend a sealant outside and in to protect them from the weather.  These are good to go so it’s just on less thing I had to do.

bird bath bird bath2

bird bath3 bird bath4



  • 3 pots or more, all one size bigger than the other (clearanced for $5.96, $3.96, and $2.97)
  • Deep plate (I found mine at walmart for $2.50. It was deeper than all the others)
  • Quick Grip (weather proof!) ($3.87)


  1. Place the biggest pot upside down.  Take the next size up, place glue on the inside rim, and stack upside down on top of the big pot.  So on and so on….
  2. Turn your plate over and put a generous amount of glue in the center.  Turn plate over and place on top of smallest pot.
  3. Add water to your plate and you’re done!

I placed mine by the tree, just underneath our birdhouse and bird feeder.  It’s also in the shade because even birds like some shade!  After I took these pictures and wrote the post, I went back and painted that small white strip that’s on the bottom of the plate so that it would match the red and not stand out.

DIY Bird Bath Summer Project


Disclosure: I am an official Walmart Mom. Walmart has provided me with compensation and gift card in return for my time & efforts to create this post. Opinions are my own, always.

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  1. TRISH says

    Very nice idea for a birdbath. Here’s the big question……Do the birds use it? I plan to make one but will match the colors that we have on the patio. We have a lot of trouble with squirrels eating bird food. So I’ve gradually stopped feeding the squirrels and gave the remaining bird seed to the neighbor. I doubt the squirrels will bother a bird bath. Hope I am right!

    • says

      Hey Trish! We saw one bird out there using it the other day. I haven’t been out there much (too hot) so I haven’t kept an eye on it. Of course, the birds may be a little more thankful here in hot West Texas. ;)