DIY Christmas Memory Ornament

This Christmas ornament was not thought out at all.  My son had to have a Senior ornament to decorate the tree at school.  It was due on a Monday and it happened to be Sunday night.  I had no idea what to make and remember seeing something similar that was all glittered up.  I had no idea how it was made so I just ‘went with it’.  I got it done, only to learn that nobody else had turned theirs in. -.-

DIY Christmas Ornament

Had I remembered to do this, I would have taken much more time to make it better.  I would have purchased some small scrapbooking stickers instead of cutting out candy canes and gluing them on.  I also would have printed the photos on stickers instead of paper and cutting them out. They were all sorts of shapes and sizes.

Despite the ornament’s flaws, I’m happy with it.  And Toby seemed to like it too so that’s good enough for me.

DIY Ornament Instructions

Here’s what I did:

  1. I folded the paper so that I could trace and cut circles out.  I used a biscuit cutter but anything will work.
  2. I folded two circles, and stapled same sides together in center.
  3. I folded two more and did it on the opposite sides, stapling in the center again.  I did this 4 times total.
  4. I printed and cut out pictures of Toby and his friends over the year.
  5. I glued each one on the white sides.
  6. To add decoration on the plain white, I also used the same scrapbook paper and cut out several of those little candy canes and glued them around pictures.
  7. Finally, used a needle and thread to go through the top of ornament. Tied and viola!


That’s it!  Kinda hard to explain so hopefully you understand.

Have y’all had to do this for your kid’s school??  What other Christmas crafts have y’all made?

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