DIY Craft – Holiday Wreath

I love DIY crafts, however, I have learned that wreath making might not be my calling.  I clearly lack the creativity needed to make a masterpiece. With that said, I do feel that, for my poor wreath making skills, my holiday wreath turned out pretty decent.   We actually don’t buy wreaths here on the ranch because of cost since not too many folks would see it.  We don’t get many visitors ’round here. Some wreaths are pretty expensive but I was challenged to make one and keep the cost down.   This holiday wreath cost me less than $25. And actually, now that I’ve played with it, I could have done it for even less than that so I definitely think I’ll be more inclined to have a wreath for various holidays.


Supplies Needed include:

  • Wreath $4
  • Decorations $1.27 each
  • Ribbon $2.98 – $10 (it varied depending on type of ribbon)
  • Creativity (something you can’t buy, sadly, cause I would if I could!)


  • Fluff out your wreath, curving wreath branches in the directions you want them to go.
  • Wrap ribbon throughout wreath. I used two different ribbons so I just basically went around the wreath with both, layering, sorta.
  • Add decorations.

You’ll need to decide what your focus point is, unless you’re decorating the entire wreath.  You can buy a bow at Walmart for $2.98 but I decided to make the ‘messy bow’ using the ribbon I purchased.  I don’t know if that’s a real name but it fit my bow perfectly.  If making your own bow, you simply zig zag ribbon back and forth in your hands, tying the base. You can wrap ribbon around to make a stem or you can even use a stapler.  I made a stem, spread apart all the ribbon (the messy bow look),  tied it to the top of the wreath with more ribbon, and secured it with a couple of the wreath branches that you can’t see.  That’s it!

There were lots of other decorations and endless possibilities.  There were plenty of Fall decorations as well but since I am making a Fall centerpiece, I thought I’d make a Christmas type wreath.  I can only imagine what my friend Michelle A could do with something like this!  She’s a crafting genius!

I love this time of year! Happy Holidays!

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