DIY Fall Floral Centerpiece

Since we are having Thanksgiving in my home this year, I wanted to create a centerpiece that I could use for the holiday and for other occasions.  To do this, I needed a universal base so that I could simply change the fresh flowers, depending on season.  I have seen some wonderful floral centerpieces with cranberries and apples as the base.  I love them but since we are on a ranch, I wanted to go with something a little more rustic.

DIY Fall Floral Centerpiece

Before spending any money, I took a look at what I had around my house. I found a clear pitcher and while sitting outside watching Truett play, I kept staring at all the pine cones.  Then it hit me!  Pine cones!  After I had a plan, I went to the store to buy a couple of things, including the fresh flowers.   I had a hard time choosing which flowers.  I knew I didn’t want roses but deciding on the colors between the others was a little difficult. I decided to go with something vibrant since my base would be dark.  Because I didn’t want to soak the all the pine cones in water, I decided to get a skinnier vase to go inside the clear pitcher.  I only spent  $12.97 but you could have bought a vase and even pine cones at the store as well.  When Christmas comes, I can easily replace these flowers with some pretty red ones!

Supplies Needed:

  • Vase or Pitcher in this case
  • Skinny Vase to fit inside bigger vase
  • Filler – Pine Cones
  • Fresh Flowers


  1. Place the skinny vase into the bigger vase.
  2. Fill bigger vase with pine cones all the way to the top, surrounding the skinny vase.
  3. Pour water into the skinny vase; add the nutrients that come with your flowers.
  4. Measure flowers and cut down height to fit into skinny vase.
  5. Fluff flowers if needed and/or adjust them for a full bouquet.

Click on photos to enlarge if needed. 

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DIY Fall Floral Centerpiece

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