DIY Gift Wrapping Station (Organizer)

Gift wrapping.  It’s one of those things that drive me crazy because I’m having to look for scissors, ribbon, paper, tape and of course, it’s never handy is it?  I saw this idea a long while back and just new it was exactly what I needed.  While mine is not near as classy & pretty as hers, it’s perfect for my needs, time, and budget.

My gift wrapping station will hold all the essentials for when it’s time to wrap those presents for Christmas, birthdays, etc.  I’ve includes places for gift bags, paper, bows, ribbon, tools, and even cards.   I love that I have everything in one spot and by simply turning the organizer, I can quickly grab just what I need.   Most of the things I used can probably found around your house.  Seriously.  And I didn’t sew (I can sew but didn’t want to), instead, I used the tying and staple gun method.  I didn’t measure anything really. I just flew by the seat of my pants.  So with this tutorial, take it as it is and put your own creative spin on it.  Make it useful for your needs and try not to focus too hard on imperfections.  I mean really, how many people are you gonna try to impress with it?   Have fun with it and let me know what you think!


  • barstool ($20)
  • 4 casters ($3each)
  • short screws for casters
  • hooks ($1)
  • 2 standard pillow cases ($5.47)
  • apron (I had this laying around)
  • rod (I used a hanger but any sort of rod or string would work as long as it fits through ribbon holes)
  • extra piece of fabric (I cut up an old sheet I had)
  • spray paint (optional -Truett wanted to help me so I let him paint)


  • Hammer to help tap in hooks
  • Drill to screw on casters
  • staple gun
  • Wire cutters to cut hanger


  1. If painting, you’ll need to paint and allow time for drying.
  2. Seat side up, screw on casters.  To keep it sturdy, put each caster on the side that will be used.  In other words, don’t line them up with the legs.  This would cause a tilt if something is more heavy on one side than the other.
  3. Flip barstool over.  I cut a long piece of fabric (my old sheet) and went around the bottom.  I used a staple gun to secure it.  I also stapled to the bottom of seat. This will prevent wrapping paper from sliding out.
  4. Take your pillowcase and overlap two legs, stapling  to secure.
  5. I found an old apron I wasn’t using and cut it down to the pockets.  I made the straps shorter and simply tied to one of the other sides.
  6. Taking another pillowcase, I measured up to the legs so that it didn’t drag the ground and cut holes. I slipped over two of the legs.
  7. For the ribbon, you’ll need to insert two hooks, one one leg.  If you have a rod, this is where you’ll use it.  If you don’t or can’t find one like me, then a hanger works just fine. I cut my hanger down to the width needed. I used the erasers off pencils to put at the ends of hanger to prevent sliding.

(click on photos to enlarge if needed)

The box it optional.  I had an expandable file-didn’t like it.  I had another apron-didn’t like it. I want something I could easily see and grab in for my cards so I used this hard mesh organizer found in the office supply section at walmart. I already had this but it costs next to nothing.  I tied it up with some brown string I had.  I may change this part later after I find something but for now, I’m happy with it.  I keep my cards, pen, address labels and a few stamps in it.

My ribbon is handy and holds several rolls.  The apron holds my tape, pens, scissors, etc.   The long side pillowcase holds gift bags, big and small.  The short side pillow case holds bows, gift boxes, and extra paper pieces. And the center holds the paper.  I absolutely love everything about it and it cost well under $50!!


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  1. says

    That’s kinda awesome Lori! I’m pathetic when it comes to gift wrapping. I’ve got paper rolls strewn everywhere, the tape goes missing between wrapping each present and the scissors are usually stuck in my leg at some point. It’s a dangerous task. lol