DIY: How To Make Bottles for the Baseball Throw Game

Recently, my son’s Sophomore class held a ‘county fair‘ for their fundraiser. Each pair of students were responsible for coming up with their booth. My son and his friend decided on the baseball throw game and we were in charge of coming up with the bottles. Now I searched and searched the internet and every single aluminum bottle I could find, for that specific game, was sold out. That meant I had to come up with something else.

I had bought these cheap wooden bottles that were so light and I knew wouldn’t work.  We decided to take duct tape and just wrap and wrap and wrap it around to make the bottles thicker and heavier, however, upon entering the store and seeing our Walmart’s store manager, I was given a new, better idea!  (Thanks Randie!!)

BOTTLE PLAN – We decide to buy the wide mouth, aluminum beer bottles, pour the beer out, fill with dirt, and spray paint.  Not a bad idea huh! Of course a man thought of that!! LOL  (just kidding Randie…teehee)  So lets get started!


  • Wide Mouth, Aluminum Beer Bottles (the Miller Lite came in a 9-pack which was perfect)
  • Dirt
  • Spray paint or even duct tape for an alternate method


Simply drink or pour out your beer.  I’d hate to waste it so we had a few drinks with some steak.  Since we had just gotten 4 inches of rain, we had lots of mud.  I filled the bottles with mud which made them pretty heavy but you can use dirt.   If you do use mud, make sure it’s packed down tight. I just found a stick on the ground to do this.  Finally, you simply spray paint them your desired color and you’re done!    It took several coats to get them completely covered.

Since we were using these at the school, we decided to wrap them in blue duct tape to insure that the beer brand didn’t show through after being hit multiple times by the balls.  So actually, I probably recommend you use the tape and even skip the spray paint!  That would save you time and money.  We also ended up using tennis balls which was perfect!!

Cost?  Only $12 bucks for the beer.  The dirt was free and I had the bottle of spray paint laying around my house but if you were paying for all three, you could do 6-9 bottles for $20.  That’s a huge steal compared to the $50+ it would have cost to buy them online.


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    Way Cool Lori…..

    hey I wanted to say Thank you….I read your post on the Falsies mascara, i had been wanting to try it, well I bought it….at wally world and 4.95 is cheap for mascara….I love it, it makes my lashes look longer and fuller without the clumps that my other mascara was doing…
    so, Thans again

    • A Cowboy's Wife says

      It’s GREAT mascara!! I’ve had several express their love for it. I’m glad you’re reading, glad you tried it, and hope you’re doing well Brenda!