Easy Christmas Craft for Kids – DIY Snow Globe

DIY snow globes are an easy, kid friendly craft to make.  Truett did everything except the lid and he had a blast!

DIY Snow Globe

I saw these little Christmas trees at Walmart for $.75 cents and went with that, but now that I think about it, since it was for Truett, I should have bought one of those Disney Ornaments! They would have been cute inside the globe and would have glued on to the lid well too.


I think Truett has only held a snow globe once or twice so I thought this would be fun for him, and man, I was right. He loves, loves, loves this thing!  He would flip it, shake it, flip it, over and over again, watching all the glitter settle down.  He had so much fun making it and was even patient while the glue dried.  I let him do everything but the glue and screwing it on.  And in the last minute, he wanted the white tree instead of the green tree so we had to reglue that.  If you using a mason jar, my only recommendation would be to glue the two pieces of lids together well. This will keep it secure, plus act like a sealant so that no liquid will spill out when they are flipping it over.

DIY Snow Globe Collage

I’m pretty sure you can use other liquids in snow globes, even water, but I went with baby oil so that the glitter would move slower.   All went well except Truett accidentally poured an entire vile of green glitter in the globe, which you can see overpowers it but it’s okay, he still loves it!



  • Jar
  • Baby Oil
  • Glitter
  • Water proof glue (we use Quick Grip)
  • decorations – we used a tree but check out the ornament section!


  1. Glue lids together well to form sealant.
  2. Glue Christmas tree (or your decoration) onto the middle of the lid.  Allow to dry fully! Your child will be shaking and flipping this so it needs to be completely dry.
  3. Pour Glitter and Baby Oil into jar.  The baby oil should go all the way to the top, just leaving a 1/4 of an inch or so, depending on how big and solid your decoration is.
  4. Screw on lid tightly.

All in all, our DIY Snow Globe cost $5 bucks.  We had the jar and you really could use any jar you have at home.  This was such a fun project to do with Truett and I just loved seeing his big ol’ smile!  May your Christmas slowly drizzle glitter all around you!

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