DIY Wreath Craft with Matching Table Centerpiece, for Thanksgiving

Families everywhere will gather up to devour Thanksgiving dinner and enjoy the company of family & friends.  If you plan on hosting a dinner, then some holiday decor is in order to help spruce up the home for the Thanksgiving holiday.  Wreaths can be costly but if you buy just a few supplies, you can make your own, along with some other decor pieces!

DIY Thanksgiving Wreath

I anticipated that wreath making would be super difficult, but it wasn’t near as hard as I thought.  In fact, it was really easy with the wreath that I bought.  If you’re needing some inspiration, check out the little books with the craft section, that only cost $1.  While I couldn’t find some of the exact supplies in the book, I was able to do a mockup of it from the photos and other supplies available.

Supplies needed:

  • Wreath
  • Roll of burlap
  • bouquet of flowers
  • Vase (if making centerpiece)
  • pinecones, optional, for centerpiece
  • scissors


  1. Wrap burlap around wreath.  I bet a puffy look with the burlap would be pretty!
  2. Pick one or two of the flowers and start filling wreath. I went with a slanted direction but whichever direction you use, make sure it’s like that all the way around.  You may have to cut or break pieces to downsize them.
  3. Continue to fill wreath using each type of flower in bouquet, until your desired look is achieved.

I’m no pro but I thought it turned out fine.  And since I used the sprig like wreath, I was able to just stick the flower sprigs into it and it stayed just fine.  you might want to use floral wire to secure each piece though.











And with all the leftover flowers, simply take any vase, bucket, whatever you have and put them in it.  Tie a piece of burlap around it.  I went outside and added pinecones to my vase but you can also purchase them at Walmart too if you don’t have any in your yard.

Thanksgiving Flower Craft

The burlap cost the most but it’s a big roll and will last for several crafts.  So basically, the wreath and centerpiece only cost me well under $10 bucks total.

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