Dog Feedback Needed

Walmart wants your feedback when it comes to dogs and their food.  We have always bought Ol’Roy ourselves in the biggest bag possible, usually 50lbs.  In fact, when we got Rambo, we bought some ‘high-end’ food that was small bites for his little teeth and you know what? He would not eat it. Instead he went outside to eat Ol’Roy. Anyways, here is what Walmart had to say…….

“We know how important dogs are to every family that has them, and we know about the importance of keeping them happy and healthy.  We want to find out a little more about what you look for when you shop for dog food.  We want to know what is most important to you and what helps you take the best care of your dog.  Please provide us feedback on this topic by taking this quick 5 minute multiple choice survey.  Thanks!”

Take the survey here!


Disclosure: Walmart provided compensation for my efforts to create this post. Opinions are mine, always have been, always will be. 


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  1. Lauralee Hensley says

    I took the survey and gave my feedback. We usually buy our dog food at Sam’s Club instead of Walmart. If Walmart carried the larger bag of the brand we buy, at the Sam’s Club cost we’d probably buy it there since it’s closer in distance to our home.