Dyson, Oh How I Love Thee

Dyson 014

Wow, I NEVER thought I could love a vacuum cleaner like I love this Dyson.  I’ve had this beastful beauty for almost a month now. I waited because I wanted to give my honest opinion on it AFTER I’ve had it for a while.  It’s still as dysondc28fabulous as it was the day it arrived.

I’ve been married over 16 years and have gone through at least 8 vacuum cleaners, none of which actually did a good job apparently.  When Dyson said they were sending me the Dyson DC28, I researched it quickly to see features.  This version, and they have many, includes “Airmuscle”.  That means:

  • Powered Cam – Only lowers and raises the brush bar instead of the whole head for different floor types
  • Pneumatic Actuator – Seals the cleaner head to the floor to create more suction
  • High-torque clutch – More torque on the brush bar to jostle loose more dirt

Can’t you just hear Tim the Toolman grunting right here??

I don’t know what all the technical jargon means and I don’t care because IT WORKS!  I mean, it really really works.  I know this because I used my old crappy vacuum BEFORE using the Dyson, you know, to see what the Dyson would pick up, if anything.  The results? Wow, I was shocked at how much dirt the Dyson picked up that my old vacuum did not. In fact, it was half way full. Can you freakin’ believe that???  I vacuumed with my old one, then used the Dyson and it filled the canister half way full!!!

Dyson 010

I do have a funny story for ya, well it wasn’t that funny at the time but you see that red push button thing on the clear handle part?  It’s the part that removes the canister from the vacuum.  It’s also what you push to empty the canister.  When pushed, the bottom part of the canister opens up.  Well I removed it and headed towards the trash can. I didn’t read the instructions first, and clearly I should have because not thinking, I pushed the red button again and guess what happened?  A FULL canister of dirt, spilled all over more floor.  Talk about easy to empty for sure..I just should have read the directions before using. I was winging it….but you know what?  That Dyson sucked up all that dirt I spilled with no problem.  Every bit of it in fact, which made me smile.  I was in awe of how well it worked, how easy it was to use, and felt silly at how much I loved it.  I can’t help but wonder why the heck I never bought it sooner.  Probably because of the hefty price tag of $599 but you know what they say, you get what you pay for and I believe that to be 100% true in this case.  You pay a hefty price for an exceptional vacuum that works and works well.

My dad always says there are two things you should spend good money on; shoes and a bed because you spend most of your life walking and sleeping.  I’m adding the Dyson to that list because if you have kids, pets or a busy household, you’ll want a kick a$$ vacuum cleaner to help make it easier and just a bit more fun to do those chores!

I tried to find a negative and I simply can’t. I love it that much.  I said it on Twitter and I’ll say here. The Dyson DC28 is the BEST vacuum cleaner I have ever seen.

Thank you Dyson for allowing me to review such a find product and understanding why it’s worth the price tag on it.

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  1. says

    I’ll never forget the day we brought our Dyson home. We vacuumed the house, and my husband and I just stood there, our mouths open wide, tears in our eyes. We could not believe the crap that was in our carpet. We could not believe the crap our baby boy had been crawling around on. That first day won us over forever. They really are amazing machines.

  2. says

    We have the Animal and I love it! I have had it for about 4 years now and it’s still going strong.

    My SIL got her Dyson first and told me that when I got mine, I would want to sleep with it (instead of my husband) for the first few days! LOL

  3. Christina says

    I did the same thing with my $500 Oreck that my husband (who was an authorized Oreck technician at the time). I HATED my Oreck with a capital HATE. One day when he was at work I bought a remanufactured Dyson on Amazon. I vacuumed my living room with the Oreck first, then the Dyson. I got THREE full canisters on just half the room. Then I stopped until my husband got home because he HAD to see it to believe it. He screamed at me for wasting money until I had him vacuum with the Oreck and then the Dyson. Once he hit the part I HADN’T already cleaned, he was amazed. Not a word of complaint since… now he sells Dysons instead of fixing Orecks.

  4. Katie says

    what an honest and great review. you can see your enthusiasm and can tell you really love it. I have always wanted one but there are so many things we buy that don’t work so I’m always skeptical of what I buy. you have made it easier for me so that when I’m ready to buy one, I’ll remember your review.

  5. Sheena says

    We have one and LOVE it. Wouldn’t go without it ever. I agree with Katie about your review. You have a very authentic voice, not infomercial like selling something.

    They are pretty to look too huh?!