Easy Crocheted Ruffle Scarf

Crocheting is one of my most favorite hobbies.  I have never been able to pick up knitting yet but my grandmother, her mother, and my mil all crocheted.  It’s only fitting that I carry on the tradition. Lucky for me, there are some projects and yarns that make it easier than ever to create stunning pieces of work for little effort and for an incredible price I might add.

Crocheted Ruffle Scarf

This ruffle scarf was made in an hour and for less than $5 bucks.   I was sent some Sashay yarn to try out, along with several knitting & crochet needles. I had seen the Sashay yarn before but didn’t have time to check it out so I was excited they were sending me some so I could try it.

sashay yarn

sashay yarn2

sashay yarn scarf



I decided to youtubed some tutorials so that I could get a better look at how it was done and while most came using knitting needles, I decided to use a crochet hook instead. I found it a whole lot easier.  The yarn is beautiful and mulitcolored.  I never came across any knots within the yarn and the amount is perfect for a scarf.   Not only would this make a fantastic gift idea for Mother’s Day, but I see fundraiser written all over it!  Get your knitting & crochet buddies together, whip some up, and you could easily sell them for $10 or $15 bucks or even $20, making $5-$15 profit.  Fast knitters and crocheters will be able to make them in lightning speed.

Here’s the video tutorial that helped me.  Even if crocheting is not your thang, I think you’ll still enjoy making this, especially if it’s for a gift.  How special would that be to give!  They have lots of color schemes. I believe I even saw our school colors! WHOOP WHOOP!   Let me know if you make one or if you’ve tried the yarn before. I’d love to hear about it.  Happy Crocheting!


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  1. says

    Dadgum she made that look easy in the video Lori. I’m going to give this a shot and make a pink and white one just like you did for my daughter. You did a awesome job girl.

  2. says

    What a cute design! I’m definitely going to add this to my list of things to make (especially since it’s so quick to make).

    I’ve added this page to my StumbleUpon. :)

  3. Jenn says

    I just love these scarves! I think it’s the multicolors that draw me to them. What an inexpensive project and they look like great fun to wear.

  4. Rachel says

    This scarf is beautiful! I would love to learn how to do that…so creative! I would wear that in 2 seconds.