Easy to Make Butterfly Cupcakes

This is a republished post from Maternal Spark.  She is a super nice gal and these easy to make butterfly cupcakes are soooo so cute!  With the school season is session, this would be a fun treat to bring to your child’s class and how fun would it be to show them off in front of other parents!  HA!!  Thanks so much for letting me republish your original post!



  • * Cupcakes
  • * Semi-Sweet Chocolates
  • * Wax Paper
  • * Coffee Cup
  • * Ziploc Baggie  or something similar like a pastry bag
  • * Cookie Sheet
  • *Icing in colors of your choice & anything extra for decoration 


Make a batch of cupcakes. Whatever kind you like will work, these just happen to be carrot cake. While they are cooling, break up a box of semi sweet bakers chocolate. Melt it in a double boiler. (put water in a big pot and heat on low, float a little pot full of chocolate in the water. This heats it but it isn’t on direct heat.) Don’t be afraid of this step and don’t attempt to melt the chocolate in the microwave – it burns easy in the microwave and if you burn it you’re out of luck and will have to start from new!

While the chocolate is melting, get some stuff prepared. Line a cookie sheet with plastic wrap – stretch it out as flat as you can but it doesn’t have to be perfect. Then, set a Ziploc Bag  into a coffee cup.  Example below:

Once your chocolate has melted, stir it really well and pour it into the ziploc bag. You now have a simple piping device. If you’re the kind who has a real Pastry Bag then of course, use it. I’m not that kind. Snip one corner off the bag so the chocolate can be squeezed through. You don’t want a big hole though, just a small one so you have some control over where you place the chocolate.

Position your piping bag over the prepared Cookie Sheet and draw a shape like this. This is what makes the butterfly wings. Again, it doesn’t have to be perfect but it is important to connect at points 1 and 2 for structure and the solid bit under point 3 should be a bit thick for strength. You don’t want your wing to crack when you shove it into the icing.

Once you’ve piped out enough pairs of wings to do your whole batch of cupcakes, put them into the freezer to set. While they are setting, your cupcakes should be cool enough to ice. I used white icing and purple (the kind that comes in the tube) for the butterfly body. Use your creativity here. You can get all funky with sprinkles or use licorice for antenna etc. I went for a simple look here.

By the time you’ve iced all your cupcakes, the wings will have set. Pull them out of the freezer and stick them into the icing. Ta Da! Butterfly cupcakes! Do note that it was really hot in out house and the wings wilted a little. If it’s hot weather, serve them right away once the wings go on or put them into the fridge until it’s time to serve.

Here is the finished product!  Cute as a bug ain’t they:)

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