Eating at Computer

I bet you thought this would be some informative post huh!!! WRONG!  I  was bored so took advantage of Photobooth on my iMac!

Clearly I need something to do!!  Hope you guys have a wonderful evening!

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  1. Camilly says


    I was looking at your sweet bread recipe and looks so good. I want to make it, but I just had a question about the butter. Do you use salted or unsalted? Do you think I could use margarine?


  2. says

    LOL What I wanna know is what you’re eating! I’m starving right now and all I can think of is those Ghirardelli chocolates sitting 10 feet away, but dang, I so don’t need those right now.

  3. CarolAnn Adams says

    I just joined Weight Watchers, so I will be eating healthily while on the computer. I like looking for recipes while I eat breakfast.