Entertaining Guests with an Appetizer & Wine in 20 Minutes!

Have you ever been told last minute that guests will be arriving for a visit and have nothing quick to serve up?  Well, I have…too many times to count I might add but Pillsbury has a solution.  I make a lot from scratch I admit but sometimes I just don’t want to or have the time to do it so when I ran across these Pillsbury Savorings Flaky Pastry Bites in Cheese & Spinach style. I knew they’d be a winner for sure.  What I love about the new ones, is that they are “classy”.  Instead of serving your pizza rolls (which they have), Pillsbury provides you with an appetizer that is adult friendly and great with a bottle of wine and moms like myself need to feel like an adult every once in awhile right?

Cooking these delights will only take about 20 minutes before being ready to serve.  With their flaky crust that is SOOOOOO good and perfect finger food size, you’ll have people asking you how did you make them!  I’m proud to say that my kiddos love them.  We bought these in town the other day and my kids were very skeptical of any spinach product being good but they were pleasantly surprised and ate all of them!

So guess what?  You can WIN IT!  What can you win?  Check it out!!

Here’s the Savory Gift Bag!

The Savoring the Moment gift bag will include a free coupon, a wine bottle topper, wine glass charms, a bottle opener, a wine and food guide, stampable wine tags and an appetizer plate that also holds your wine glass.  Whew!  That’s a lot!!!  And because I’m cool and I know cool people, I’ll even throw in a coupon for a runner-up!

WHAT??  You want to know how to enter?  Well, as always, it’s super easy!  Do one or all, your choice:)

Each entry MUST be in a separate comment or it will not be counted!!

To enter:

* Leave a comment on this post with your favorite Pillsbury product.

Additional entries:

* Stumble this post

* Blog about it

* Tweet it (twitter)

You can come back and enter every single day if you like by leaving a comment.  Giveaway ends on September 26th.

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  1. 655

    Terri L says

    What’s not to love….but to choose one I would say the Crescent rolls are probably the fave in our house.

  2. 656

    I love the crescents. Thanks!

    Sonya Sparkss last blog post..Robyn’s Online World is hosting a giveaway…

  3. 657

    Cindy Sue says

    I just love cresent rolls, filled with yummies, or just plain

  4. 658

    Leigh Nichols says

    Their yummy Crescent rolls, of course! :)

  5. 659

    cathi rushing says


  6. 660

    Kayce C. says

    I loved the canned cinnamon rolls that you bake in the oven.

  7. 661

    Dan Smith says

    I like Pillsbury crescent rolls

  8. 662

    Gloria Dornin says

    Pillsbury Crescent Rolls

  9. 663

    denyse says

    Cinnamon rolls

  10. 664

    Rachel Watts says

    I like their pizza dough.

  11. 665

    Nancy C says

    Family get-togethers, crescent rolls. Anyday – cookie dough in the sleeve.

  12. 666

    estella miller says

    we love cinnamon rolls!

  13. 667

    Lee R. says

    I love the cookie dough, cinnamon rolls, and crescent rolls. :)

  14. 668

    Joyce Scheminant says

    Grands biscuits every day. I always have a bag in the freezer

  15. 669

    Bev Davis says

    The doughboy himself is my favorite. My whole kitchen is done in doughboy from the border to the curtains to the rugs and everywhere in between!

  16. 670

    Heather says

    the pie crusted that you can unroll and use. You can do so many different things with them- from dinner items to dessert to breakfast. There also a great time saver :)

  17. 671

    My absolute fave Pillsbury item had to be the apple turnovers!

    Molly Capels last blog post..We all like Free Stuff, right?

  18. 672

    Sand says

    I love the Pillsbury crescent rolls!

  19. 673
  20. 674

    This is a great contest and I would love to win!!! Please enter me for all these wonderful things!

  21. 675

    This is a great contest and I would love to win!!! Please enter me for all these wonderful things!

    sharon johnsons last blog post..16 of My Most Popular Recipes

  22. 676

    Carey Hemond says

    cookir dough raw or baked,,,,,

  23. 677

    diana hogle says

    I love the toaster strudel

  24. 678

    Sarah Cook says

    I love the refrigerated pizza crust. It’s perfect for a quick dinner and inexpensive too.

  25. 679

    Bill says

    Frozen waffles and pancakes.

  26. 680

    Linda lansford says

    ready to bake cookies are good

  27. 681

    Carolyn says

    Toaster Streudel

  28. 682

    Nathan Weimer says

    Love the Grand’s

  29. 683

    Lily Kwan says

    I love Grand

  30. 684

    Barbara Long says

    My whole family loves the cinnamon rolls!

  31. 685

    Michelle H. says

    I love the cinnamon rolls and my family loves them also.

  32. 686

    Susan Marina Brown Lane says

    I Love the Grands Biscuits! Thank you!

  33. 687

    cathy truman says

    We like everything. One of our favorites is the
    cinnamon rolls. Thanks so much for the contest.

  34. 688

    janet says

    I heart the Grand

  35. 689

    Samantha Pruitt says

    i love the crescent rolls!

  36. 690

    Cookie dough, so delicious, thank you for the chamce here!

  37. 691

    Lynda C says

    My favorite product is the pie crusts because they are good and so easy!!

  38. 692

    Jill Lund says

    Crescent Rolls are our time honered favorite Pillsbury product.

  39. 693

    Joy Venters says

    crescents are my love

  40. 694

    Michelle H says

    Mine is the old fave crescent rolls. Whether just plain, or with hotdogs and cheese rolled inside to make me feel like a kid again, I can’t resist

  41. 695

    Reyn says

    Crescent rolls. You can make many different dishes with them.

  42. 696

    JMom says

    we love Pillbury biscuits and other products. What a great giveaway!

  43. 697

    JMom says

    I also just gave this post a thumbs up :)

  44. 698

    Linda says

    Love your site!!! My favorite is hands down….. Brownies!!


  45. 699

    Lori A. says

    Did I miss the winner of this?