Entertaining with Southern Living at HOME Decor

Have you noticed some of the platters I’ve been using in my photos? They are from Southern Living at HOME.  I have to say, I was quite surprised by the beauty and quality of these pieces.  I’ve never had much for entertaining purposes and while these can be used anytime, I enjoy bringing them out for my photos or when company is over.

You’ll be seeing more of this stuff along with other items I think would be great for entertaining with, cooking with, and even giving as a gift.  All are/will be available for purchase so check out the Mercantile often because I’ll also have specials and giveaways of course!

I really do like having nice things to serve my food on because I work hard making those meals for my family and friends.  I take pride in our get-togethers whether it’s a regular ol’ barbecue or dinner with the boss!

Do you care what you serve your food in when you have friends or family over?  What are some brands that you enjoy?

By the way, I could have showed the catalog pictures of the serving pieces but I wanted to keep it real and show you how the average person can even make bread look good:)

Southern living at home decor

Tomorrow’s recipe is Baked Squash so stay tuned for that!

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  1. jules p says

    oh…i love their stuff. but it is way out of my budget. and i can find great pieces at Marshall’s, TJ Maxx or Ross. Much less and still quality pieces.

    I do take great care into what I am serving my food on for my guests and my family. I think we eat with our eyes first. so I want it appealing in that way.

    My fav thing..is to find anything oval shaped. Don’t know why…just love that shape for serving!

  2. Kathy says

    Southern Living @ Home is great! Host a party and take advantage of the wonderful specials that they have. It is more fun than going to Marshall’s, TJ Maxx, or Rosses.

    I love the Tuscan pieces.