Eureka™s Lightweight Upright AirSpeed ONE – One Powerful Sucker! {Giveaway}

AirSpeed ONE — a name that befits a jet fighter probably tasked with the defense of Air Force One against enemies of the state. Well this Eureka vacuum cleaner has a tougher task — to search and destroy invaders in your home that seek to destroy its cleanliness and modesty.  Powered by a 12 Amp motor it has got loads of suction power to clean carpet to the core. Don’t think of this as a versatile floor cleaner because it is not. It is a complete pet hair removal solution meant to be used mostly on carpeted floors with occasional hard floor runs.

Eureka AirSpeed ONE

What The Eureka AirSpeed ONE 2011A Excels At

Give it a dirty patch and this upright vacuum cleaner will lap it up with ease. Packed with technologies like the AirSpeed suction system, attachments that can reach the deepest crevices in your house and tailor the suction as required, this Eureka innovation will handle any carpet floor easily.  Seriously though, it’s effortless because it has a very powerful self-propelled rolling system.  I thought it was gonna take off without me!

Now the sole reason why you should be purchasing this vacuum cleaner is for its multi-cyclonic filtration technology. Where other vacuum cleaners manage to suck everything in its path, this one actually shifts through debris it sucks up and separates dust from large debris. Dust goes into the dust cup while debris settle at the bottom of the cup so that the suction mechanism never gets affected.  I was shocked at how much dirt it picked in JUST our living room.  And yes, I vacuum regularly….of course, we do live on a ranch so things get dirty ’round here real quick.

Eureka AirSpeed One vacuum

Why Buy The AirSpeed ONE

AirSpeed ONE seeks with the keenness of a Dog’s nose, pulls up debris with the efficiency of an Anteater and cleans air with the patience of a plant. This vacuum cleaner is an efficient and well thought out machine, one which is designed with a single minded intention — to keep carpets clean and lustrous like brand new. Oh! And it retails much cheaper (less than $60 bucks) than competing brands with exactly the same specs and features but a better output and result, which proves that size isn’t everything folks!

Personal Thoughts

When I first picked up this Eureka AirSpeed ONE vacuum (weighing 9lbs), I immediately thought how my mother would have no troubles carrying this from room to room.  How anyone that struggles with arthritis, carpal tunnel (like myself), or just ‘old age’ will appreciate the lightweight design and the self-propelled motion.    I personally love that I can carry it out to each room and suck up all of Biscuit’s hair that he leaves all over the place!  I love that I can quickly detach the hose and suck up little bits of food particles that Truett has left in the drink holders on our sofa.  And I really love that Eureka was able to combine powerful features, lightweight design, and just an overall vacuum that really works for an affordable price.  We all are struggling in this economy and being able to make a budget-friendly purchase on something of quality is gold these days.



Required entry– Simply leave a comment on this post telling me about the little things that have made a powerful difference in your life. (You may do this daily, telling me a different story each comment).

While I don’t require or even offer optional entries anymore, I would still LOVE if you would share this post with your friends via word of mouth, email, twitter, facebook, etc.   I can offer these giveaways due to the generosity of these companies so please also make sure to pay them a visit and check out the vacuum as well.   You can find the vacuum and Eureka at the following:

Giveaway ends on April the 26th, about 10pm CST.  I was sent this vacuum to review and as always, my opinions are just that, mine. Good luck.

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  1. says

    I don’t often enter giveaways but about two months ago I had decided that I’d had it up to HERE with our Bissell and I wanted a new vacuum. The Eureka was one I looked at but because of the price (super inexpensive) I was very skeptical that it would do what I needed. Girl, you know me – 4 kids – a dog, cat, and various things the kids track in from the pasture and sports fields… GAH!

    One little thing that has made a difference in my old age (haha) is to appreciate and accept the kind of man my husband is. I tried to change him in the beginning of our marriage but I’m sure you know how that works out! Anyway, he’s not like “other husbands” and I’ve come to accept that and finally appreciate all the wonderful ways that makes him unlike the other ones and perfect for me.

    What a wonderful required entry!

  2. Lorie Johns says

    The best little thing that has made a powerful difference in my life is my Attitude. I made a concentrated effort to not let things get me down, and to always find humor in the situation. It may not change anything for the better, but life is better with a happier outlook. Keep thinking positive…

  3. Christy Harris says

    One of the “little” things in life that (just this week) has made a powerful difference is my children helping out with cooking (without me asking). I have been going back and forth to Lubbock to see our nephew in the hospital and my 16 year old called to volunteer to put on the roast for the next day. This was such a blessing to me!

  4. Brandy Covington says

    My son being able to run errands for me has been wonderful! He’s off to college this year and I’m gonna miss all the little things he does!

  5. Kim Deal says

    My paper calendar is what keeps my life on track! My hubby asks what we have going an simply tell him to check the calendar!

  6. Cathy G says

    This years new years resolution (most of us never stick to) has made a big difference in my life! I wanted my family to find a church to call home in 2013. What a blessing this adventure has been!

  7. Yolanda says

    you asked what little things have made such a powerful difference.. it is the little things that make a big difference. sometimes people tend to take advantage of the little things until its gone. my kids are grown now, but when I still hear my daughter over the phone she still my little girl. it brings tears to my eyes when I hear her little voice. she lives in a different state now. She is my everything.

  8. says

    A “little thing” that has made a big difference in my life is my little schnauzer, Lucy! :D But I DO need a vacuum to clean up after her…lol!

    Thanks for a great giveaway! :)

  9. Lauren Disney says

    My faith in Christ has made a profound difference in my life! While that’s not a “little thing,” when I pray, I always receive peace and clarity. Also, communication is another “little thing” that has helped make a tremendous impact on my marriage and in other areas of life. Coincidentally, I realized a while back that my husband feels closer to me and a lot happier when he comes home to a clean house! So this vacuum would be a real blessing… ;)

  10. Yolanda says

    sorry I’m at work and I keep getting interrupted. I don’t know what these people are thinking, that I’m here to work? Lol
    I’ll wrap up, knowing that my daughter stays in contact with me and wants to call me is what makes me so happy as a mother. We weren’t always so close and it took years for this to happen. Yeah, it brings years when I hear her little voice over the phone and she calls me mom.

  11. Katie K says

    May be silly but having Skype and the ability to talk to family members far away was one of the little things that helped me cope with being so far from family!

  12. Margaret Smith says

    The one “little thing” that has made a powerful difference in my life, is my sons helping me to carry the laundry upstairs for me. I have rheumatoid arthritis and can’t do stairs well, so the help that my sons give me with running up and down, really makes my life much easier.

  13. Kathleen says

    One little thing woud be positive attitude and smiling more. It’s amazing how people respond to the positivity and smiles

    kport207 at gmail dot com

  14. Nancy says

    Being able to take a walk in the woods, enjoy nature, and realize that most things you stress over are really not worth it. Nature is a little thing that reminds me of the big picture we exist in.

  15. says

    Just spending time with my elderly dog is special right now. She is getting slower and slower and sometimes harder to get up so I’m enjoying every minute I can while she is still with me.

  16. Sue Barney says

    My dogs have made a difference in my life they keep me company while my husband works and cheer me up when Im down and make me laugh on a daily basis :)

  17. Cathy Truman says

    My husband Keith had a stroke a few years ago and lost his left side. He gets up every day and does so much. It takes him longer
    to do things but he keeps going. He will clean the house when I am at work and he will have lunch for me. He is the BEST.

  18. says

    The little things in my life that has made a powerful difference is my hubby giving me words of encouragement every day…with four kids and I work also and him being over the road truckers just those few words make my day…having a great group of godly ladies to hold me accountable for my words and actions and just to motivate each other…as far as material things my kindle…love this pocket of holds everything!!

  19. Tracy Snyder says

    Great offer!! Especially nice is the light weight, one I could handle when needed! My husband is the powerful story in my life, having a few health issuses myself and doing what we all do, age!! , my husband has taken over the vacumning job for me and does an intensive once a week sweep of our house, bless him!!! Sometimes, though, with the grandchildren, two dogs and two cats, I need to be able to supplement this cleaning and to have to try to get the large, heavy vacumn out and run it is an enormous task for me, 57, about a 100 lbs. and 4′ 11″ tall! Thank you for offering this giveaway!

  20. Margie says

    The best little things in my life is having God & my family and great friends to always be there to help you went you’re down.
    Also having my daughter help me with things and being able to share the mother daughter time together.

  21. KAPP says

    Thanks for this great giveaway! what has made a powerful difference in my life is working with positive and appreciative people. We spend so much time at work that it helps when it is a pleasant place to be instead of wrought with stress and pettiness.

  22. janice s says

    The best thing to enrich my life is a strong belief in God, loving family and friends, and believing there is more good than evil in this world even though throughout the news the world seems so evil. Prayers for all of us!

  23. McKim says

    Friendship is something that has made a powerful difference in my life. Several years ago our 2 month old died from SIDS. I was amazed at the number of people that reached out to me that had been through something similar. I developed friendships with many of them, and continue to cherish their part in my life.

  24. Katie Roch says

    My step father’s accident last summer made a huge impact on my life. He lost his leg after being hit on his motorcycle. His recovery has been a long road but it helped me to realize how strong our family is and that we can overcome any challenge.

  25. says

    I’m blessed to have found your blog! I followed the Kentucky Biscuits I had pinned, seeking the recipe. I printed it and have been looking around on your site. What a wealth of information – and with heart! The small time commitment to reading the Bible daily has made the biggest difference in my life.

  26. Sunnie says

    Just earlier today we went to the Goodwill and got some clothes for my niece and nephew who really need it. It made a difference in their lives!

  27. mickeyfan says

    Making a powerful difference in my life has been my attitude. I have “forced” myself to act more confident…and I AM now more confident.

  28. Cathy Truman says

    My dog Bailey he makes my day so much better. He loves to go for a walk every day and it makes me so happy
    to give him a walk and see him so happy.

  29. Margie says

    Having my 2 children was the most awarding blesses in my life. they have been a joy.I love watching them grow ino the adults they are now.They went from small kids needinghe help of here mom to amazing adults they are today.Cheerish every moment you get wth your children because they grow up fast.

  30. Mary Johnson says

    A recent thing that has made a difference with me is the phrase “don’t forget to remember” that is, to remember all the good things that God has given me and blessed me with. I need to make an effort to do that when I am comparing myself with others or my stuff with their stuff. This has changed the way I see so many things.

  31. Katie Roch says

    My dog Neko has made a difference in my life. Whenever I am sad he does something to cheer me up and brings tremendous joy to my life

  32. Mary Johnson says

    Having a husband who I know will be with me through thick and thin means the world to me. I know he will stand by me no matter what the future brings.

  33. Monique Rizzo says

  34. Sharon says

    My daughter growing up and saying …i was wrong about so many things Mom, and you were right ….
    Just her presence in my life makes my world immeasurably better.

  35. Tabathia B says

    When my oldest daughters help get my youngest breakfast together in the morning on the weekends so that I can have a peaceful shower

  36. Cynthia C says

    My cat jumps on my bed and wakes me in the morning by batting at my nose. It makes me smile and starts the day on a happy note.

  37. Mary Johnson says

    My Kindle has given me something easy to carry with me when I think I might be waiting for an appointment. I have my book I’m reading, my music, my Bible, and can search the web all in one.

  38. Lis says

    Soooo the little things that have had a powerful difference in my life ~ when I lost my son & my husband, those little things were: GOD (a big thing), friends (no family close by), and my little dog Killer…. It’s amazing what you can go thru with a belief of God!

  39. Lynne T. says

    My cat Desiree has made a huge difference in my life. I found her when she was just 3 weeks old and at the time I had a 9 yr. old cat and wasn’t planning on keeping her. But God had other plans, I kept here 2 years later when I had to put my other cat to sleep having this one here to help ease my grief was such a blessing. I can’t even imagine how empty my life would be without her in it.

  40. Danielle T says

    something as simple as buying a new mattress made a huge difference to me bc im sleeping SO much better now and i wake up refreshed!! its amazing!

  41. Thomas Chappell says

    2 years ago my 4 year old daughter asked me why I smoked. I did not have a good answer for her. She looked at me and said that she didn’t want it to take me breath away. Well that was all it took after smoking for nearly 15 years I quit.

  42. Lisa Garner says

    One little thing that has made a big difference for me is reminding myself everyday that I am strong and can do anything I set my mind too. This has been a huge help in making me feel positive and motivated.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  43. Jennifer Reed says

    The decision to take an alternate path in the schooling of my children has made a tremendous difference in my life as well as my kids lives.
    reejen at comcast dot net

  44. Nicole Newby says

    The biggest change to my life has definitely been my son being born. (Who is terrified of the vacuum, by the way.)

  45. nannypanpan says

  46. Mary Johnson says

    Dinner with my husband where we can sit quietly and catch up with each other’s day, and what is going on in our lives.

  47. Gaye M says

    Receiving a note (email or FB is fine too) from a friend to share a joke or personal news or just to say “hi” can make my day.

  48. Candice Hull says

    Watching how my children view the world. Today, my oldest son (he’s five) looked up at a cloud that had some rays of light breaking through it and the sky was gray so you could see where they fell, and he said “look, that must be where God is looking down right now watching us”. It was awesome.

  49. Mya Murphy says

    My family makes a HUGE difference in my life. Always being here for me for the big and small things going on… they listen when I have problems. They help me in any way they can!

  50. susan smoaks says

    My husband has made a powerful difference in my life. When I met him I was down and out and didn’t care about myself. He taught me that i was an important person and i should love myself and be loved!

  51. Sherry Conrad says

    A huge difference- whenever someone (it used to be just my kids, now it is whoever) starts complaining I make them tell me 5 wonderful things that are going on in their lives right now. I am no longer overwhelmed by negativity.

  52. Denise Donaldson says

    My sisters have made such a difference in my life. I dont know what I would do without them,.

    winz135 at

  53. Christine H says

    My children have made the most powerful difference in my life, They helped me to change and grow in ways that I would not have done on my own .

  54. Leslie S. says

    My husband’s coworkers have made a difference in my life.My husband has a blood disorder(called ITP).It has been flaring up about once every 18 months and make him miss 3-4 weeks of work at a time.He must take a very strong dose of steroids to get his platelet count backup.Both of the ladies in the office had a rule passed that you can give other coworkers your sick time if needed.They are the most kind,generous ladies and knowing that if he gets sick again we will still have his paycheck to help care for our 4 children has been a huge relief to me.Thanks!

  55. nannypanpan says

    my cellphone, cause i can keep in touch with family wherever i am and has come in super handy when my car has broken down

  56. Sharon says

    My love for my garden and tropicals through the years has made a big difference, especially in my stress levels.

  57. laurie says

    my kids have made a difference in my life by the way they treat other people and how nice they can be, even though they are boys, their good kids and im really lucky to have them, they have taught me alot of lessons i have forgot