Eureka’s Lightweight Upright AirSpeed ONE – One Powerful Sucker! {Giveaway}

AirSpeed ONE – a name that befits a jet fighter probably tasked with the defense of Air Force One against enemies of the state. Well this Eureka vacuum cleaner has a tougher task – to search and destroy invaders in your home that seek to destroy its cleanliness and modesty.  Powered by a 12 Amp motor it has got loads of suction power to clean carpet to the core. Don’t think of this as a versatile floor cleaner because it is not. It is a complete pet hair removal solution meant to be used mostly on carpeted floors with occasional hard floor runs.

Eureka AirSpeed ONE

What The Eureka AirSpeed ONE 2011A Excels At

Give it a dirty patch and this upright vacuum cleaner will lap it up with ease. Packed with technologies like the AirSpeed suction system, attachments that can reach the deepest crevices in your house and tailor the suction as required, this Eureka innovation will handle any carpet floor easily.  Seriously though, it’s effortless because it has a very powerful self-propelled rolling system.  I thought it was gonna take off without me!

Now the sole reason why you should be purchasing this vacuum cleaner is for its multi-cyclonic filtration technology. Where other vacuum cleaners manage to suck everything in its path, this one actually shifts through debris it sucks up and separates dust from large debris. Dust goes into the dust cup while debris settle at the bottom of the cup so that the suction mechanism never gets affected.  I was shocked at how much dirt it picked in JUST our living room.  And yes, I vacuum regularly….of course, we do live on a ranch so things get dirty ’round here real quick.

Eureka AirSpeed One vacuum

Why Buy The AirSpeed ONE

AirSpeed ONE seeks with the keenness of a Dog’s nose, pulls up debris with the efficiency of an Anteater and cleans air with the patience of a plant. This vacuum cleaner is an efficient and well thought out machine, one which is designed with a single minded intention – to keep carpets clean and lustrous like brand new. Oh! And it retails much cheaper (less than $60 bucks) than competing brands with exactly the same specs and features but a better output and result, which proves that size isn’t everything folks!

Personal Thoughts

When I first picked up this Eureka AirSpeed ONE vacuum (weighing 9lbs), I immediately thought how my mother would have no troubles carrying this from room to room.  How anyone that struggles with arthritis, carpal tunnel (like myself), or just ‘old age’ will appreciate the lightweight design and the self-propelled motion.    I personally love that I can carry it out to each room and suck up all of Biscuit’s hair that he leaves all over the place!  I love that I can quickly detach the hose and suck up little bits of food particles that Truett has left in the drink holders on our sofa.  And I really love that Eureka was able to combine powerful features, lightweight design, and just an overall vacuum that really works for an affordable price.  We all are struggling in this economy and being able to make a budget-friendly purchase on something of quality is gold these days.



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Giveaway ends on April the 26th, about 10pm CST.  I was sent this vacuum to review and as always, my opinions are just that, mine. Good luck.

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  1. 101

    susan smoaks says

    My husband has made a powerful difference in my life. When I met him I was down and out and didn’t care about myself. He taught me that i was an important person and i should love myself and be loved!

  2. 102

    Sherry Conrad says

    A huge difference- whenever someone (it used to be just my kids, now it is whoever) starts complaining I make them tell me 5 wonderful things that are going on in their lives right now. I am no longer overwhelmed by negativity.

  3. 103

    Erica C. says

    Living with dogs has made a huge difference in my life.

  4. 104

    Betty Curran says

    Having family members who are always willing to pitch in and help when I need it means a lot.

  5. 105

    Denise Donaldson says

    My sisters have made such a difference in my life. I dont know what I would do without them,.

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  6. 106

    Christine H says

    My children have made the most powerful difference in my life, They helped me to change and grow in ways that I would not have done on my own .

  7. 107

    Dawn Reid says

    Our life as a family brings great joy to me.

  8. 108

    sarah says

    Volunteering has made a positive difference in my life. Helping others feels good.

  9. 109

    Leslie S. says

    My husband’s coworkers have made a difference in my life.My husband has a blood disorder(called ITP).It has been flaring up about once every 18 months and make him miss 3-4 weeks of work at a time.He must take a very strong dose of steroids to get his platelet count backup.Both of the ladies in the office had a rule passed that you can give other coworkers your sick time if needed.They are the most kind,generous ladies and knowing that if he gets sick again we will still have his paycheck to help care for our 4 children has been a huge relief to me.Thanks!

  10. 110

    Sand says

    I joined weight watchers seven years ago and lost a little over 100 lbs and kept that weight off.

  11. 111

    nannypanpan says

    my cellphone, cause i can keep in touch with family wherever i am and has come in super handy when my car has broken down

  12. 112

    Sharon says

    My love for my garden and tropicals through the years has made a big difference, especially in my stress levels.

  13. 113

    Sharon says

    Being a mom has had a huge impact on my life.

  14. 114

    Sharon says

    Home made mother’s day gifts from my kids have definitely made a difference in my life.

  15. 115

    Sharon says

    My cat.

  16. 116

    Sharon says

    my lifetime friends have made a powerful difference all along the way.

  17. 117

    laurie says

    my kids have made a difference in my life by the way they treat other people and how nice they can be, even though they are boys, their good kids and im really lucky to have them, they have taught me alot of lessons i have forgot