Fall Decor – Simple Pumpkin Candy Dish

How many of you have your grandmother’s candy dishes? You know, the emerald green depression glass?  I love them by the way but they don’t always go with the season.   I picked up a simple pumpkin candy dish the other day and I love it.

Pumpkin Candy Dish

I knew I wanted candy corn in it but I my husband saw this bag of Brach’s Autumn Mix, with the little pumpkins in it, so I got it.  Too cute!  And I actually got the pumpkin candy dish at the Goodwill store but then I saw it in our Walmart the other day. HA!

Brachs Autumn Mix Candy Corn

I don’t normally like to keep candy out because of Truett, but on the flip side, I find that teaching him to be responsibility is an important lesson too, and that includes what and how much he eats.  Since I’m a big fat fail, I try my hardest to make sure he doesn’t follow my eating patterns.  Just want him to know that moderation is key!

Anyways, I think having a simple ol’ candy dish adds a lot to decor but I’m curious if you put something else other than candy in yours?  Let me know! I’m all ears!  Oh heck! How lame….I JUST realized that I should have put the Pumpkin Pie Fall Dip in THIS bowl!  How cute would that have been!

Pumpkin Candy Dish with Candy Corn

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  1. ca le... says

    I think that is adorable! I would love to have one of those with candy corn, but I know I would eat it all! But love this! Now I MUST go to Walmart!