Fall Decor – Table Centerpiece with Leaves and Pumpkins

You can’t serve Pumpkin Pie Dip on a plain ol’ table now can ya?  I’ll show you how taking some very affordable Fall decorations can turn a table from drab to fab. And I ain’t got much decor sense about me either, but even I can do this.

Fall Table Decor

One of the big reasons I don’t decorate a whole lot, is because it can get expensive.  I’ve decided to just buy a few things every year and reuse them, along with the new decorations.

The basket I already had and you could do this too.  You could use a basket, bucket, some hay bales, or vase.  There’s endless ideas.  You can even get the hay bales at walmart.   Since the basket was my base,  I focused on picking a few decorations out to go in it.  Keep in mind, I have no decor sense and I literally took less than 3 minutes to pick something out.   Here is what I purchased:

Fall Leaves – I bought two of these ‘vines’, each costing $2.97.

fall leaves

Mini Pumpkins – 4 of these were bought at $0.97 each.

mini pumpkins

Big Pumpkin – 1 – $4.97

big pumpkin

That’s a total of $14.79.  I realize there are Fall centerpieces  at stores for $10 bucks and less, that are already prearranged, but I like this better because I want to be able to mix and match to create something fresh & new every year or for whatever occasion.  I used a cute candy dish to decorate for Fall too! It looks great against this centerpiece!

If you go with hay bales, you’ll find many uses for them.  I even used them for Tyler’s ‘Senior Table‘ during graduation.  Everyone loved it! I had mini ones and big ones under the helmet and jersey. I love that I can just reuse them every year and I may take them out and do something Fall related with them for this season.


Happy Fall Y’all!


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  1. ca le... says

    Very nice job you did, and a great price!
    I made a fall piece for my dining room table, and used pine branches and pomagranets from our yard, plus fake leaves. I haven’t been to Walmart yet, but did hit the 99 only http://www.99only.com/club99/harvest yesterday. Got the leave candy dish for $1, and a leave branch for $1. They have other cute stuff also, like fall flowering plants for $1, which I picked up. They also have other items, though the pumpkins you got are very nice, and I didn’t see anything like those. I am sure Walmart has more and some nicer stuff than the 99 cent only store doesn’t have. But it is also a place to check out, and I am on a super frugal binge. I also bought my hubby a pair of those glasses where the eyeballs hang down. LOL He liked those!