Family Activities that Will Help Cure Cabin Fever

Hey y’all! I’m sharing some tips for a great start with Team Kellogg’s again and my next tip is below! The brand is regular in our home and I’m proud to be part of their family!

We are sitting at 15′ here in Texas.  Y’all know what that means?  Yep, we’re gonna stay in the house as much as possible so that we don’t freeze our behinds off!  Of course, being cooped up like that brings on a set of cabin fever, and that’s no fun either.   Me and Truett have come up with family activities to help cure cabin fever and I think you’ll find that they’re a lot of fun!

froot loops under table

One of the things I have learned raising three kids, is that the morning mood sets the tone for the day, most of the time.   Truett loves when I wake him up with singing.  I might go in there rapping or singing Rise & Shine but whatever I sing, I take on the role 100%.  That includes dancing, cap turned backwards, and ‘chain’ around my neck.  He always gets up with a smile.  While we are very much that family that sits at the table, I’ve also been known to let Truett eat under the table.  You know, like a winter, indoor picnic sort of thing.  He’s always pleasantly surprised when I have a place for him to eat his breakfast, Kellogg’s Froot Loops, under our dining table, along with a note on the tablet.   We get so wrapped up in being adults that we forget how to be fun, weird, and totally spontaneous.  We forget what it’s like to be kids.

Truett the rapper

Here are some family activities that are sure to cure cabin fever!

  • Dancing – Crank that music up and start dancing!  Truett loves to rap.  What’s fun about this, is that we make up our own verses and half the time, they make no sense at all but he doesn’t care, and I don’t care. We’re just having fun!
  • Drawing – Bring out the markers, colors, and paper or dry erase boards.   We love to just sit and draw.  I have no talent at all but I’ll draw whatever Truett asks me to draw.  He gets out a kick out of my cows and pigs and really, how hard is it to lay around and draw?  You never know what they might write or draw.  My heart swelled up when Truett showed his…….

truett drawing

  • Games or Crafts – OR BOTH! One of the most fun things we did, was playing a treasure chest scavenger hunt game, after creating the treasure chest ourselves.  We had so much fun and the game itself made Truett’s brain work a little, always a good thing when we have cabin fever.

Staying physical indoors can be a challenge but a few more suggestions include: freeze tag, indoor obstacle courses, interactive video games, and kid-friendly workouts.

Whatever activities you choose, make it fun.  Having two older boys; 20 and almost 18, I’m able to see just how much they remember and it warms my heart to know that some of their most favorite, memorable moments when they were little, were when we sang in the truck on our way to school, danced in the living room, and baked together in the kitchen.  I want to create those same moments with Truett and when cabin fever sets in, it makes for the perfect time to do that.  

What are some of YOUR favorite ways to cure cabin fever? Watch the video for more inspiration and don’t forget to check out the Kellogg’s website for more great start tips on making your day awesome!

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