Family Generousity

We have a great family, most of the time.  My oldest son Tyler, has a very strong work ethic.  He’s not lazy by any means and it always willing to do a some work regardless of whether he’s getting paid or not.  I love that.  A kid that will work hard for nothing.  You don’t see that too often these days.  Kids want everything handed to them.

Anyways, Tyler has never really been given a whole lot.  I mean big things, like horses, so when his Uncle L gave him his own 2yr old colt, you can bet that he was jumping for joy (not literally mind you, that would be girlish to him;).  But he did and still does talk about Little Joe on an hourly basis.  Oh, it was on a minutely basis at first and now has reached hourly.  I’m SO lookin’ forward to the daily discussion though because the repeats are getting old.  Of course, I love that he’s so excited and proud so I can’t do anything but smile and be happy for him:)

Unfortunately Little Joe’s shoulder is swollen.  Don’t know why but we’re gonna get some penicillin asap.  Hopefully that’ll fix’em up so that Tyler can continue his horse breakin’.

I’m always scared when Tyler breaks horses.  I’d hate to see him get hurt but I know it’s part of a cowboy’s job.  I wonder if they have horse lawyers like those truck accident lawyers…then we could sue the person that gave him the horse if he got hurt???

FAKE!  JUST KIDDING UNCLE L ;)  I’m not that sorry even though some people like to think I am.

Pictures courtesy of my sister-n-law.

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