Okay, so apparently beer is not a popular ingredient these days! I listened to all your feedback and have changed a few things up. I really appreciate every comment, suggestion, and even criticism because it helps me make things like this challenge more fun, easier, and just plain better.  So with that, here are two changes I’m making.

1) There will either only be one required ingredient or a theme each month.   Because I am completely uncreative, I completely understand when you tell me that you can’t think of something that uses all the ingredients.  I get it.

2) No voting.  There will be a judge who will pick the grand prize winner.  I hate voting contests and should have known better so thank you for speaking up and reminding me of it.

3) And finally, this post is the last one that will have all the rules and fine print. Future food challenges will focus on the ingredient/them and the entries and will link back to the rules and such. I realize it’s a lot to read and who has time to look through it every time right?

Thanks for the feedback y’all! Now that we got that out of the way, let’s get this thing started!

**You DO NOT have to be a blogger to enter. There will be a form that non-bloggers can fill out to enter their recipe so everyone is welcomed to join in!  I really want ot see everyone participate!


Participants will be asked to create an original recipe using the required ingredient/theme in the current month’s challenge.  Participants will need to follow all the rules below.


There is only one ingredient for February’s challenge and that is SUGAR!


Recipe submission deadline is February 28th, 2011 at 12pm CST.


  • You must use the required ingredient (or theme) given in the challenge with any other ingredients you want.
  • A photo is required of the final dish.
  • Would love for all bloggers  participating to provide a link back to the homepage or to the Food Challenge post.  Grab code is available for you to use if you like.  All bloggers will need to leave their entry link in the linky below.
  • Standard Giveaway rules do not apply to any of the food challenges.  These are the rules for this.

Winner will be announced win the next Food Challenge begins!


The winner of the Food Challenge for February wins  a $100 eGift Card from Cooking.com

If you would like to sponsor a Food Challenge month, you can email me at [email protected] with food challenge in the subject.


*NONBLOGGERS -If you do not have a blog but want to participate, you may submit your recipe here if you don’t have a place to upload your photo (or know how).  Flickr and Photobucket are great thought if you do want to have your own place to upload photos. Then you can just upload, write the recipe with your photo and grab the URL and add to the linky.  Either way, I’ll help you all I can.

*BLOGGERS -Leave the url to your recipe in the linky below.


Good luck to all who enter! Can’t wait to see your recipe creations!

I reserve the right to cancel if there are less than 10 entries.

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  1. Chrissy says

    wah..me and sugar don’t get along well. I’ll see what I can think up… Heading to Hawaii so maybe I’ll find some tropical inspiration.

  2. Julie says

    Please clarify — you say “no voting” AND “Once the contest closes, it reopens for voting. When the voting closes…”
    So which is it?