Fields of Faith in Sweetwater, Texas

Fields of Faith presents the opportunity for our youth to come together and spark a spiritual spark for God.  It’s held at football fields across America and is absolutely amazing to see in person.   It’s normally held in Abilene, Texas, and actually still was but Sweetwater decided to hold its very own first Fields of Faith at our hometown Mustang Bowl.  It was a success!

The crowd listened while testimonies were given, offering praise and cheering support for their fellow friends who were bold enough to face hundreds of people (mostly youth) to deliver their testimony & message.    Worship music was provided by Thirty-Nine Thoughts, who did a great job!

But the amazing part of the night was at the end.  They were told that if they wanted prayer, all they had to do was come out on the field and pray with each other or with the help of a volunteer.  And that’s when we all got chills.  To see how many immediately stepped forward, asking for prayer and even going as far as asking the Lord into their hearts….well, it was breathtaking and beautiful.

I saw tears of happiness and tears of sadness of kids giving it to God and feeling a moment of peace.  I saw friends praying with friends, schools praying as a group, and couples praying together.

I feel so blessed to have been part of it all.  I pray that the Lord continues to work on all their hearts, showing them that He is real and that He loves them unconditionally.

To organize or participate in Fields of Faith, check out the website and make it happen! You won’t regret it one bit.

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